Google Big Query managed by Improvado

IMPORTANT: This article covers setup of warehouse for load data from Improvado, not customer data warehouse from which data is being extracted. This article doesn't cover setup of customer data warehouse for Data Prep as well.

Required information

  • Title
  • Email with which we will share dataset (Email address and domain must be associated with an active Google Account or Google Apps account).
  • GBQ Dataset Region

How to connect

To create a new instance for GBQ Managed by Improvado via Improvado User Interface, you need to do the following:

  • Fill in the required fields and click the Continue button.
  • After this, you will see Google Big Query managed by Improvado in your connected destinations list with the following error: ```Please connect billing account to your project``` due to the absence of a billing account.

Now you have access to created Google Cloud Platform project. This project title includes the following pattern: ```<agency-title> Improvado managed```. The project contains a GBQ dataset with the ```improvado``` prefix.

To activate your GBQ instance, you need to add a billing account to the project:

  • Open the Billing page via the left sidebar menu in the Google Cloud Platform or use a direct link.
  • Connect an existing billing account or create a new one using the Cloud Billing account Guide.
  • Return to your connected destinations list after a billing account is connected and recheck the connection.

If the billing account connected successfully, the GBQ by Improvado destination status would become active. Otherwise, you will see an error message again.

Schema information

Setup guide




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