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Apr 29, 2024

Note: This article covers SAP HANA Destination setup process. This guide doesn’t cover the DataPrep setup for SAP HANA.


SAP HANA is an in-memory database platform that accelerates data processing and analytics, empowering businesses with real-time insights and applications.

Schema information

Setup guide

Follow our setup guide to connect SAP HANA to Improvado.


You should have the following permissions for the database:

Object privileges:

  • ```ALTERY```

System privileges:

  • ```IMPORT```

Schema privileges:

  • ```CREATE ANY```
  • ```DELETE```
  • ```DROP```
  • ```EXECUTE```
  • ```INDEX```
  • ```INSERT```
  • ```SELECT```
  • ```UPDATE```

Complete configuration

{%docs-informer info%} According to the Naming Conventions for SAP HANA, names are not case sensitive (e.g., CUSTOMER is the same as Customer), but object names are converted to uppercase when stored in the SAP HANA database. However, if you enclose a name in quotation marks, it is case-sensitive. {%docs-informer-end%}

On the SAP HANA connection page, fill in the following fields:

  1. Enter a name for your Destination connection in the Title.
  2. Enter the Host.
  3. Enter the Port.
  4. Enter the User Name. {%dropdown-button name="user-name"%}

{%dropdown-body name="user-name"%}

User Name can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores and must start with a letter.

The maximum length is 127 characters.


  1. Enter the Password.
  2. (Optional) Specify the Schema of your database.
  3. Select the necessary Use static IP option from the dropdown. {%dropdown-button name="use-static-ip"%}

{%dropdown-body name="use-static-ip"%}

Select Yes for Use static IP option if you allow Improvado to connect your database by the static IPs mentioned on the Destination connection page.

Select No if you have permitted access to your database from any IP. In this case, Improvado will connect your database using dynamic IPs not listed on the Destination connection page.


Additional information

Load limits

You can load no more than 5000 columns per single load order.


  • Column ```date``` required
  • We use a column-base table
  • New data is provided in full monthly partitions on one dimension ```date```
  • New fields are added to the table automatically
  • Deleting fields from the source report is prohibited

How to connect from Python


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Troubleshooting guides

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