Microsoft SQL Server

IMPORTANT: This article covers setup of warehouse for load data from Improvado, not customer data warehouse from which data is being extracted. This article doesn't cover setup of customer data warehouse for Data Prep as well.

We support only MS SQL 2016 or newer only

Required information

  • Title
  • Host
  • Port
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Database Name
  • ~Database Name must satisfy the following regular expression: r'^[a-zA-Z@_#]([\w@$#])*$'
  • Schema (optional)
  • ~Specify the schema of your database
  • Use static IP

Select Yes for Use static IP option if you allow Improvado to connect your database by the following static IPs only:


Select No if you have permitted access to your database from any IP. In this case, Improvado will connect your database using dynamic IPs not listed above.

How to connect

For performance reasons your database should support COLUMNSTORE.

You should have write access to database and the following permissions:

  • SELECT (for tables and data)
  • Access to the system tables, like:
  • ~ sys.partition_functions
  • ~ sys.partition_schemes
  • ~ sys.columns
  • ~ sys.tables
  • ~ sys.schemas
  • ~ sys.types
  • ~ sys.partition_range_values
  • ~ sys.dm_db_partition_stats
  • ~ sys.objects
  • ~ it is recommended to have access to the whole sys schema
  • Usage permission on schema ‘dbo’
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