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TitanTalk with ADV’s Dmitry Korobkov, Havas

Titans: What are the strengths of ADV?

Korobkov: ADV creates a unique synergy with two global partners: IPG and Havas. This is the solid foundation of our platform, allowing us to use the most effective digital tools that ever existed.


Titans: Do ad agencies have to prepare for the Big Data Revolution?-

Korobkov: It’s 2017! The Big Data Revolution is already happening around us. Managing huge amounts of data is already a crucial task for any agency. Today, we should base our understanding of audiences on big data. Polls or focus groups are almost non-existent.


Titans: Does ADV face any trouble with data aggregation from multiple sources?

Korobkov:  We don’t restrict our clients to use any particular platform. That’s why it is very important for us to see all actions and monitor data from every digital platform we use and control for our clients. This is a common problem for the digital industry. Data fragmentation leads to difficulties in control and decision making.


Titans: Could Chatbots replace digital agencies in the future?

Korobkov: Look at banks—what is the perfect banking service today? It is the service that doesn’t require physical presence. All the services exists in messengers and apps on your smartphone or laptop.

There is a similar trend with agencies. Employees don’t necessarily need to go to the office everyday. Online communication will continue to replace offline communication. This trend creates the need for Chatbots.

But I don’t think Chatbots will totally replace agencies. As always, the main source are the people and their knowledge.

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