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TitanTalk with 3Q Digital’s David Rodnitzky

Titans: How many advertising platforms are you currently using?

Rodnitzky: Around 10


Titans: Which advertising platform has provided you with the “best” performance?

Rodnitzky: Google and Facebook-


Titans: What are some data analysis tools you’re currently using?

Rodnitzky: DMP, Attribution, BI, data enhancement and data uploading.


Titans: Do you believe video works well for performance marketing campaigns?

Rodnitzky: The jury is still out. I think it works for MAI for mobile games for sure. For other areas, it is hit and miss.


Titans: What type of attribution window do you usually use? What are your general thoughts on attribution?

Rodnitzky: Depends on the channel. I’d say 30 days is probably a good average though.


Titans: How do you and your team analyze data?

Rodnitzky: We use free tools like the AdWords and Facebook UIs and Google analytics, and then 3rd party tools like DMPs. And of course excel – gotta use excel!


Titans: What’s the most challenging part of the reporting process for you and your team?

Rodnitzky: Garbage in, garbage out. Feeling confident about the data is always a challenge.


Titans: What would your dream analytics tool look like?

Rodnitzky: DMP + Attribution + Analytics + BI, all in one.


Titans: How many hours a month do you and your team spend on reporting?

Rodnitzky: Really hard to say, but the easy answer is probably “too many”.


Titans: What do you think has changed in the world of growth marketing in the past few years?

Rodnitzky: Consumers have spread out across multiple devices and channels, so being omnichannel is no longer just a nice-to-have feature set for a marketing team.


Titans: What do you think is going to sneak up on the market that no-one sees?

Rodnitzky: I think a lot of media buying will be automated.


Titans: What companies and technologies are you excited about?

Rodnitzky: Companies: Snapchat and RTB Media, of course! Technologies: anything in AR or VR.


Titans: What types of things do you care about when running hundreds of thousands of dollars in adspend?

Rodnitzky: Primarily ROI. Just making sure it is profitable for clients!

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