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How Calm went from Startup to Apple's #1 App of the Year

On Thursday August 9th, Improvado sponsored a fireside chat with Dun Wang, VP of Product and Growth at Calm: The #1 App for Mindfulness, Sleep and Meditation.

She’ll walked us through her ingenious marketing tactics that led the Calm app to spread like wildfire.

The fireside chat was hosted by Hailey Friedman, Cofounder of Growth Marketing Pro, President of Badass Marketers & Founders, and Head of Marketing here at Improvado.

These are the topics we covered:

  • How to optimize your purchase funnel
  • The best way to run a referral program
  • The one offline channel that no one is talking about
  • How to build a habit-forming product
  • Why Calm has the most viral Facebook ad we’ve ever seen

Unfortunately the event was not recorded, however we do have a number of photos and short clips which you can take a look at below....

There were about 120 people in attendance at the General Assembly venue here in San Francisco.

Dun covered topics such as how Calm manages to get tons of PR coverage just by getting creative. How they've created a product that is habit forming, and so much more...


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