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The Best Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles: Top-51 LA Agencies

We know that finding the best marketing agency in Los Angeles to help grow your business can be an overwhelming task. There are hundreds and thousands of options. Yet, before closing a deal with a preferred marketing agency, you should give much thought to the business value of your marketing data. Who owns it? Where is it being stored? Have you got unlimited access to it?

Your data is of incredible importance for marketing agencies as this is how they keep track of marketing campaigns and their performance. They analyze data, drive insights, experiment on further steps, and do their utmost in fulfilling your business ambitions. However, there’s a catch many businesses tend to overlook: If you decide to part ways with a given agency, you might risk losing all the historical data accumulated over the years of the partnership. So, who controls data has enough room for business maneuvers.

Why Secure Your Marketing Data With Improvado?

At Improvado, we see through data and know what it stands for — better marketing performance. When data pools at your disposal are centralized, securely stored and managed in one place, you can choose the best marketing agency based on its offering, use cases, and performance. If your expectations haven’t been fulfilled, you are free to move on.

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While we’re experts when it comes to consolidating marketing data into a single digital marketing dashboard, we hope this list will help you find the perfect agency to meet your needs.

1. SeedX

How they're Different: "SeedX is a creative digital agency helping clients conquer all things digital. We give you the tools to grow your business online."

Company Philosophy: They consider themselves rebels, fighters, and explorers challenging the boundaries of design, development, and human potential.

What they offer: Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Management (PPC), Search Engine Optimization, Amazon SEO Services, Content Creation, Web Design, Branding, Marketing Consulting, E-Commerce Marketing

Mantra: Make the Internet Work for You

2. RPA

How They’re Different: RPA is made up of more than 500 creative entrepreneurs and uses a “people first” approach to their work.

Company Philosophy: When you put People First, your business grows. 

Impressive Clients: Honda, FX, Southwest, Farmers Insurance, Dole

Mantra: “People First.”

3. Eclipse

How They’re Different: Eclipse uses its entertainment roots to communicate with consumers on a human level.

What Drives Them: Digital Innovation, Creative Design, and Brand Strategy

Impressive Clients: Disney, NBC, Universal, Hallmark, EA, ABC

Core Principles: Spark Excitement. Provoke Conversation. Inspire Action.

4. The Designory

How They’re Different: They make what’s complex simple, and what’s simple powerful. The Designory believes that marketing is both an art form and a discipline.

Words to Describe Them: Word Nerds, Data Junkies, Product Archaeologists, Visual Vigilantes, Brand Spelunkers

Core Beliefs: Passion is contagious.

Impressive Clients: Audi, Cisco, Regal Entertainment Group, Nissan, Subaru

5. Ayzenberg

How They’re Different: Ayzenberg uses a distinctly agile and social approach, sharing stories in an always on, real-time, multi-screen way.

Impressive Clients: Amazon, Microsoft, JW Marriott, Mattel, Xbox

Key Services: Social Media, Advertising, Media Planning and Implementation, Original Content, Analytics

Mantra: Listen. Create. Share.

6. Midnight Oil

How They’re Different: The company uses a “Think Through Build” model, leveraging its team to create the right ideas, in the right places, for the right consumers.

Motto: It’s not just business. It’s personal.

Noteworthy Quote: “We insist on going beyond the bottom line to INFLUENCE + SHAPE + REDEFINE cultural values with insightful messaging that elevates and engages the world around us.”

Key Services: Branding, Digital, Promotions, Print, Creative

7. The Search Agency

How They’re Different: The Search Agency doesn’t use cookie-cutter solutions. It uses strategic plans that are supported by a channel-specific focus.

Key Services: Consumer Experience, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search

Mission: To help marketers make better decisions through the use of data. 

Mantra: Explore, Expand, Engage

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8. HDF

How They’re Different: They place a high emphasis on what’s timeless and classic to deliver global campaigns and identities that have a lasting resonance.


Key Industries: Entertainment, Retail, Beauty, Fashion

Core Principles: Strategy. Storytelling. Results.

9. Salted Stone

How They’re Different: Salted Stone is an award-winning, full-service agency and HubSpot Diamond-tier Partner.

Notable Wins: Two HubSpot Impact Awards for Graphic Design and Website Design

Motto: We're a full-service digital agency and we're not jerks about it.

Noteworthy Quote: “We're not just a digital marketing agency. We're a super-charged jet engine for acceleration and business growth. We eat rocket fuel for breakfast.”

10. BLT Communications, LLC

How They’re Different: BLT Communications is a community of more than 200 passionate strategists, artists, and technologists.

Words to Describe Them: Tenacious. Dedicated. Passionate.

Impressive Clients: Walt Disney Studios, HBO, Universal Pictures, Netflix

Noteworthy Quote: “Our focus has always been the work, the people who create it, and the people we create it for.”

11. BAMF Media

How They’re Different: BAMF Media is an agency, founded by marketing gurus Josh Fechter and Houston Golden, offering growth as a service. Providing untraditional growth hacking strategies that bring companies to new heights

Key Services: Growth Strategy, Influencer Strategy, Chatbots, B2B Growth Hacking, PR Hacking, Ecommerce, Crowdfunding & ICOs

Words to Describe Them: Hackers, Driven, Results

Fun Fact: Josh Fechter also runs a Facebook Group for Badass Marketers & Founders with over 20,000 members.

12. Hawthorne Direct

How They’re Different: Hawthorne Direct is a brand response advertising agency that combines the best analytic systems with persuasive brand messaging.

Motto: Where memorable meets measurable.

Noteworthy Quote: “We take campaigns from start to success.”

Key Services: Strategic Planning, Creative Development, Media Planning and Buying, Analytics, Campaign Management

13. Dailey Advertising

How They’re Different: Dailey has developed a process they call Brand Soul, which uncovers a brand’s essence and maps out its DNA.

Impressive Clients: Ford, Nestle, Legoland, Nestle, Dole

Words to Describe Them: Driven. Dauntless. Dedicated.

Mission: Finding stories in data.

14. Direct Agents

How They’re Different: Direct Agents is a digital marketing agency that innovates and specializes in customer acquisition solutions. They are also independently and minority-owned.

Impressive Clients: BBC, Food Network, Expedia, Samsung, Panasonic, Tommy Bahama

Mission: "Our mission is to be independent, entrepreneurial, and diverse. We strive for our work to be creative, innovative and transformative."

Words to Describe Them: Agile. Collaborative. Driven.

15. Pulsar

How They’re Different: Not your typical marketing agency. Pulsar works with clients who are in “the business of doing good.” 

Motto: Let’s Do a World of Good

Core Beliefs: Work hard, play often, and do as much good for people as you can.

Noteworthy Quote: “We don’t just create ads, commercials, apps and campaigns – we create lasting change for our clients and their customers, every single day.”

16. Kastner & Partners

How They’re Different: The company is a global advertising agency that builds brands and car collections one partnership at a time.

Impressive Clients: Red Bull, Adidas, Lifeproof, Otterbox

Unique Projects: The agency co-created one of the most iconic brands of the 21st century, expanding Red Bull from an energy beverage company to a global media company.

Mission: To put their storytelling powers to use in creating culture every day.

17. Quigley-Simpson

How They’re Different: They combine branding with direct response advertising to create accountable and effective campaigns that enhance ROI.

Key Services: Strategic Planning, Media Planning and Buying, Brand Building, Production, Creative Development, Multicultural Advertising

Impressive Clients: Chase, Weight Watchers, Yelp

Noteworthy Quote: “We are thinkers, doers, and dreamers. Strategizers, organizers, and analyzers. Innovators, problem solvers and collaborators. Together, we put our collective strengths to work to get other people to do something: we get them to act.”

18. Optimist Inc.

How They’re Different: Optimist Inc. delivers lifestyle marketing in non-conventional ways, building campaigns that break conventional barriers and create unexpected interactions and responses through positive experiences.

Company Philosophy: Optimism

Key Services: Strategy, Design, Content, Experience

Impressive Clients: Google, Nike, Target, Lincoln, H&M

19. Digital Media Management

How They’re Different: The full-service agency manages high-profile brands, theatrical movies, and individuals across all digital platforms.

Impressive Clients: Lionsgate Films, Amazon, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros.

Key Services: Strategy, Management, Creative, Video Production, Web Development, Amplification

Noteworthy Quote: “The combination of strategy and strong original content can make the difference between a good campaign and a great campaign.”

20. Terry Hines & Associates

How They’re Different: With over 40 years of experience, THA boasts an unmatched ability to create multi-platform marketing campaigns utilizing its expansive in-house talent and resources. 

Impressive Clients: ABC, Dreamworks, FOX, Hulu, Lucasfilm, Universal, Disney

Key Services: Digital Marketing, Creative Services, Local Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Multicultural Marketing

Words to Describe Them: Nimble, Forward Thinking, Technologically Fearless

21 Pitch

How They’re Different: The full-service advertising agency has a deeply ingrained entrepreneurial spirit that drives our philosophy “Return on Creativity.” 

Mission: Return on creativity

Words to Describe Them: Idea Operatives

Impressive Clients: Netflix, Pepsi, Burger King, Citrix, Blizzard Entertainment, Quicken Loans

22. NCompass International

How They’re Different: The company is the force behind many of the world’s most culturally relevant and successful brand activations, developing and producing world-class engagement marketing and branded entertainment. 

Notable Wins: Effie Awards’ Gold: Brand Experience, Cannes Lion for Branded Content and Entertainment, numerous EX Awards

Noteworthy Quote: “We create WOW MOMENTS that inspire connections between brands and people.”

Impressive Clients: Toyota, Activision, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Citi, Best Buy

23. A.D.D. Marketing

How They’re Different: A.D.D. is an alternative marketing agency that uses non-traditional marketing strategies to communicate its clients' messages to consumer audiences.

Impressive Clients: Ford, Honda, Samsung, Universal, ESPN, Lexus

Key Services: Social Media, Street Promotions, Experiential, Branding and Design, Mobile and Web Development

Mantra: Consumers have short attention spans, communicate wisely.

24. Sensis

How They’re Different: Sensis is cross-cultural, integrated advertising agency, combining Hispanic, Asian, and African-American market capabilities in one marketing agency.

Mantra: The cultural change agency.

Noteworthy Quote: “Ads don't work. Content does. Because people experience content.” 

Company Philosophy: Action inspires perception, not the other way around.

25. Cashmere Agency

How They’re Different: The agency is a lifestyle marketing collective comprised of creative minds from the worlds of entertainment, advertising and new media that helps major brands, music artists, and film/TV projects engage the global multicultural millennial.

Motto: Embrace the Renaissance

Impressive Clients: Pepsi, Gatorade, Adidas, MTV, Warner Bros.

Core Principles: Diversity. Relevancy. Authenticity

26. Midroll Media

How They’re Different: Midroll Media is a podcast advertising agency, providing access to hosts of over 200 shows.

Impressive Clients: Marvel, OWN, Parcast, NFL

Key Services: Production, Distribution, Monetization

Noteworthy Quote: “Podcast ads are so effective because listeners trust our hosts when they endorse your brand or product.”


How They’re Different: Battery creates at the intersection of entertainment style and marketing rigo, changing the future of brands and how consumers think about them.

Notable Win: Advertising Age Small Agency of the Year

Impressive Clients: Netflix, Lego, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, AECOM, Blizzard Entertainment

Mission: To create advertising that’s as sought after as entertainment.

28. TVGla

How They’re Different: TVGla is a digital marketing agency hell-bent on changing the landscape of the marketing industry by setting trends, not following them.

Mantra: Moving at the speed of culture.

Mission: To engage your audience with the right message, in the right medium, at the right moment.

Company Philosophy: Play that’s right for the brand grows your business.

29. Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc.

How They’re Different: The company is a full-service, award-winning, direct response advertising agency.

Noteworthy Testimonial: “They achieved the proper balance between pushing the edge creatively and leveraging the existing design equity. They were buttoned up, reasonably priced and fun people too. I’d recommend them to other clients without hesitation.”

Impressive Clients: Humana, Chevron, The Weather Channel, True Religion Jeans

Noteworthy Quote: “For more than 30 years, we’ve helped turn entrepreneurial start-ups into large companies…and large companies into multibillion-dollar businesses.”

30. Apollo Interactive

How They’re Different: Apollo Interactive helps brands achieve practical marketing goals through persuasive messaging, targeted media, and exceptional analysis

Mantra: Great people. Excellent work. No ego.

Impressive Clients: FOX Sports, Chili’s, Mattel, BMW, Kellog’s

Noteworthy Quote: “Digital Is In Our DNA, Yet Our Work Spans All Media.”

31. Siltanen & Partners Advertising

How They’re Different: The agency is driven by passion and expertise to create ideas that “power business.”

Noteworthy Quote: ”Creativity is at the heart of everything we do: not just the advertising we produce. Our shop has never been satisfied by the average, the standard, or the expected.”

Core Belief: One big idea can launch a product, build a brand, or completely reinvent a company. 

Impressive Clients: Amazon, Skechers, Coldwell Banker, Panda Express

32. Konnect Agency

How They’re Different: Konnect Agency seeks to distinguish itself from other PR firms by offering clients much more than the services of a traditional public relations agency. 

Motto: Welcome to the unagency.

Impressive Clients: Krave Jerky, Mrs. Fields, Dave & Buster’s, Lyft, Sky Zone

Noteworthy Quote: “We are change agents for food & beverage, franchise, lifestyle and family brands. We reach Millennials, entrepreneurs, health-minded consumers and moms.”

33. MC Squared

How They’re Different: MC Squared uses a micro-targeted approach to ensure every budget results in maximum ROI.

Core Principles: Smart Media Planning, Innovative Design, Artful Publicity

Impressive Clients: Versace, W Hotel & Residences, Sapporo Beer, The Ritz-Carlton Residences

Key Services: Advertising, Branding, Public Relations, Identity Development, Social Media, Strategy, Web Development

34. Oxford Road

How They’re Different: Oxford Road is an advertising agency for the industry leaders of tomorrow. They specialize in Audio - Podcasts, Streaming Audio, Satellite Radio, Local and National Radio.

Mission: To grow companies worth fighting for with best in market performance at maximum viable scale.

Their Values: History, Performance, Influence, Innovation, Efficiency, Golden Rule

Core Principles: Media, Messaging, Measurement

35. Furlined

How They’re Different: Furlined partners with advertising agency writers, art directors and producers from around the world to create brand stories that involve and move audiences.

Notable Win: Advertising Age/Creativity’s 2014 Top Production Companies

Noteworthy Quote: “Renowned for our commitment to talent development and excellence in film craft, we discover new and innovative ways in which creativity can add value to the ever-evolving space where culture meets commerce.”

36. Big Picture Entertainment, LLC

How They’re Different: The company is an entertainment ad agency committed to creating outstanding marketing in a “think-big-then-think-bigger” way.

Impressive Clients: Disney, Lionsgate, Netflix, Sony, Universal, Youtube

Words to Describe Them: Talented. Creative. Obsessed.

Noteworthy Quote: “From concept to execution, we create advertising that’s dynamic, compelling, and effective. We don’t stop until it’s perfect.”

37. Kovel/Fuller

How They’re Different: Kovel/Fuller is a brand’s connection to strategic insights and a behind the scenes look at why some ads work and some don't. The devote themselves to gaining a grassroots understanding of their clients’ business. 

Motto: We do the thing.

Impressive Clients: Yokohama, Nintendo, WB Games, Mercury Insurance

Key Services: Digital, Social, Media, Video


How They’re Different: PART IV is a digital marketing agency fusing storytelling with technology to create meaningful, entertaining, and impactful connections across the galaxy.

Notable Wins: Boutique Agency of the Year/Best Experiential Campaign of 2016

Mission: To combine imagination with strategy to produce creative with purpose.

Impressive Clients: Disney, Marvel, Universal, Lucasfilm, Google

39. The Axis Agency

How They’re Different: The Axis Agency is a full-service marketing and communications agency specializing in the new American consumer. Axis puts culture at the core of content-driven, digital-forward marketing campaigns for leading brands looking to engage the Whole Market.

Motto: The agency for the whole market.

Notable Win: Advertising Age Top 25 Hispanic Advertising Agencies in the U.S.

Impressive clients: ALDI, Kaiser Permanente, General Motors, Clorox, Pine-Sol, U.S. Army.

Noteworthy Quote: “With ‘culture at the core,’ each of our campaigns are born from a unique cultural truth serving as an axis point connecting brand and consumer.”

40. Brewer Direct Inc.

How They’re Different: The agency is a direct marketing agency and fundraising consultancy.

Motto: What matters most.

Noteworthy Testimonial: “Brewer tells our story with integrity.”

Key Industries: Non-profit organizations, agencies and advertisers.

41. EFG :: Entertainment Fusion Group

How They’re Different: The company is a leading entertainment, communications, and special events marketing agency with a deep commitment to client service, creativity, collaboration and harnessing the power of “advocates.” 

Key Services: Corporate and Talent PR, Entertainment Marketing, Digital, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Talent Procurement, Special Events

Motto: We influence the way people believe.

Noteworthy Quote: “We start conversations by educating our influencers and giving them interesting branded content to share; we shape the conversation, never force it.”

42. The Miller Group

How They’re Different: The Miller Group specializes in new product launches for premium brands in hospitality, manufacturing and financial services.  

Impressive Clients: Simplehuman, Centra Credit Union, iQ by Hangsen, Goodwill

Key Services: Branding, advertising, social media, video and broadcast production, media planning and buying, strategic planning and research

Mantra: "Work hard to give our clients an outrageously great experience. Play hard when we're not working."

43. ETA Agency

How They’re Different: ETA is a hyper-focused, full-service advertising agency with a history of producing measurable results for a diverse mix of respected clients.

Noteworthy Quote: “In today’s world, it’s disrupt or be disrupted.”

Impressive Clients: Audi, D.R.Horton, NBCUniversal

Core Beliefs: Being a hands-on partner, doing whatever it takes to move a brand forward, and having a little fun along the way.

44. High Wide & Handsome

How They’re Different: The agency is strategic, creative, digitally savvy, ROI-focused, media-agnostic advertising agency that is fiercely loyal to its clients.

Motto: An uncommonly loyal advertising agency

Impressive Clients: Black Box Wines, Cup Noodles, Dean’s Dip

Core Principles: Loyalty, Focus on Results

45. Hollywood Branded Inc.

How They’re Different: The company is an influencer and entertainment marketing agency that specializes in partnering brands with celebrities, influencers and content including TV, film and music.

Mission: To strengthen consumer engagement and purchase interest by leveraging 3rd party branded content in pop culture.

Key Services: Celebrity and Influencer Partnerships, Product Placement,  Event Activation, Branded Content

Their Values: Expertise. Strategy. Collaboration. Engagement. Measurable Results.

46. Index Promotions, Inc.

How They’re Different: Index Promotions connects brands to consumers through world class creative, branding, product development, sourcing and distribution.

Key Services: Product Promotions, Digital Promotions, Creative Services, Entertainment Consulting, Consumer Trends, Supply Chain Management

What Clients Said: “Index Promotions has proven to be a true and reliable partner to Nestle. They always maintain a positive attitude in both good and more challenging times and understand our business completely.”

Impressive Clients: Nestle, Coca-Cola, Burger King, Metlife, Aflac

47. Marketing Factory Inc.

How They’re Different: The Marketing Factory creates full-service creative campaigns that bring brands and music together.

Motto: The world’s first award-winning ad agency devoted to music.

Key Services: Strategy, Creative, Experiential, Content, Digital and Social

Impressive Clients: Acura, Heineken, Mountain Dew, Verizon, PacSun, AT&T Wireless

48. Echo-Factory

How They’re Different: Echo-Factory does whatever it takes to get your brand where you want it to be. 

Key Industries: Clean Tech, Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Healthcare

Noteworthy Testimonial: “What we asked for on paper was help with SEO, but what we got was fun, engaging content that has allowed us to expand our reach and to think about new ways that we can provide benefits to our customers.”

Motto: We help good companies be better.

49. Fanscape

How They’re Different: Fanscape is a social media marketing agency that helps clients reach consumers and influences to promote positive word-of-mouth sentiment.

Impressive Clients: Snickers, Philips, Orbit, Skittles, Almond Breeze, Pepsi

Key Services: Brand Marketing, Consulting, Promotional Marketing

Notable Win: 2015 Adweek Watch Award: Gold – Best Sports Video – Pepsi MAX

50. ANTHEMIC Agency / FLOOD Magazine

How They’re Different: Anthemic Agency specializes in creating a direct connection with the ever-elusive lifestyle consumer.

Mission: To build connections between culture and brands through experience.

Noteworthy Quote: “We are incubators of communication who have the ability to disconnect from the noise and break through to the consumer.”

Unique Project: Politicon. Anthemic helped the organizers of Politicon connect with the actively engaged younger generation and create a new story for political conventions.

51. 8 Digital Marketing Agency

How They’re Different: The agency strives to go beyond their clients' expectations in unexpected ways.

Impressive Clients: Microsoft, HSBC, Belkin

Noteworthy Testimonial: “A great company that helps us translate likes, shares and comments into actual new business.”

Noteworthy Quote: “Our key focus is not only on being a great digital agency, but we also focus on being a great service agency.”

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