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The Best Marketing Competitive Intelligence tools: Top-23 CI Software

In order to stay competitive in your industry you need to know what other companies are doing either to get inspiration or understand how to stay one step ahead of everyone else. The below Competitive Intelligence tools will help you uncover valuable information whether you want to know your competitors’ SEO strategy, the technology and tools they use or find out data on apps and websites.

Web Market Data

SEMrush Traffic Analytics

With SEMrush Traffic Analytics you can get a website traffic analysis of any company. It can help you benchmark, evaluate a new market or niche, and even build a successful media buying strategy. Analyzing up to 200 sites at the same time should be more than enough to find out how your competitors’ are performing.

SEMrush screenshot

Pricing: Plans are between $83–399/month depending on whether you’re a freelancer or a business.

Add extra $200 to SEMrush basic subscriptions for getting SEMrush + exclusive access to SEMrush Market Research including not only Traffic Analytics but a competitive landscape view of Market Explorer.


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Alexa’s competitor website analysis can help you compare website traffic, share of voice, competitor keywords, and can provide you with a competitor analysis to give you information on how to outperform other companies in your field.

Pricing: Website traffic analysis is $79/month, whereas the marketing stack plan is $149–299/month.

Similar Web

Similar Web has been around for 13 years and it can analyze any website or app, providing info on traffic, marketing channels, search keywords and other data that can help sales and marketing teams understand their competition.

Pricing: $199-499/month, or custom pricing for the Premium plan.

Mobile Market Data

App Annie

If you want to get access to intelligence about mobile apps, App Annie is one of the tools you should consider. You can start for free and access data about the iOS and Android market size by country and category, compare apps and get competitive reports and identify hot apps and competitive threats.

Pricing: You can start using the tool for free but if you want to get access to its full capabilities you need to contact App Annie for custom pricing. Prices usually range between $59-599/month.


Whether you’re a marketer or a product manager, with AppFollow you can discover market insights, monitor app competitors and get keyword data to help you get more installs.

Pricing: The plans start for as low as $55/month and you can get a custom pricing for the Enterprise plan.


Mobile intelligence solution Apptopia can help you find sales leads and track competitors. Their competitive intelligence tool called Radar explores the app market and sends you real-time alerts for changes in your market. You can get performance data for more than 7 million apps including downloads, engagement and user retention. You can also get info on an app’s tech stack.

Apptopia screenshot

Pricing: The full product will set you back $6,000/month, but if you want plans that include only certain features you can start at $2,000/month.


If you want to understand app trends for apps and publishers, AppMagic can provide market research for the app ecosystem. You can investigate your competitors’ revenue and downloads and get analysis for the most similar apps. Moreover, AppMagic can help you uncover opportunities for future development by studying the most successful players in your category.

Appmagic snapshot

Pricing: You can start using the tool for free, but if you want access to the premium features you need to contact AppMagic for a custom price.

SEO Competitive Intelligence


SEMRush is an essential tool for SEO. You can use it to analyze the SEO strategy of any site, find a domain’s backlinks, get ideas on how to generate organic traffic, and even uncover those “not provided” keywords you see in your analytics reports and don’t know what they are.

Pricing: The company provides three plans (Pro, Guru and Business) between $83–399/month.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a 360 SEO tool with real-time ranking of your website’s keywords, website audit and backlink checking and monitoring. You can receive alerts when changes happen on your or your competitors’ websites, get suggestions for keywords and access historical data for keywords and queries.

Pricing: Plans start from $23/month and go as high as $189/month per website. 


One of the most comprehensive SEO tools out there, Moz helps you track millions of keywords, carry out competitor research and SERP analysis, get insights about backlinks and rank the tracking of your and your competitor’s keywords.

MOZ screenshot

Pricing: Moz offers some free SEO tools, but if you want to use the pro version you can choose one of the plans that cost between $99-599/month. Annual billing will save you 20%.


SpyFu enables you to download your competitors’ most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search. You can even find an estimate of competitors’ ad budgets, review ads that work for them, know their AdWords history and find the keywords that they use but you are not currently buying.

SpyFu screenshot

Pricing: There are three plans (Basic, Professional and Team) which cost between $39-299/month. You get a discount if you choose to be billed annually.


Whether you’re interested in analyzing your competitors’ keywords, identifying niche leaders, following visibility and keyword trends, monitoring the progress of your competitors, or getting a keyword map of their website, Serpstat can help you take a sneak peak into your competition and use it to your advantage. Serpstat has multiple awards and recognitions, such as being the most upvoted SEO tool on Product Hunt and being the number 1 best selling SEO tool of all time on Appsumo.

Pricing: The Lite plan costs $69/month and there are more comprehensive plans with prices up to $499/month, and even a custom plan if you need more data.


BuzzSumo is used by thousands of companies for analyzing competitor content and answering questions such as what content works, which networks work best, who is sharing their content and how your content compares. You can find out their secrets of success like your competitors’ most shared content and also get performance reports about them.

BuzzSumo screenshot

Pricing: $99-499/month depending on your plan, with a 20% discount if you decide to go for yearly billing. There is also a custom plan tailored to your business’s needs.

Social Media Marketing Competitive Intelligence

Sprout Social

Among its many capabilities, Sprout Social offers a listening tool that uncovers actionable insights, improves brand health and provides info on the competition. You can track conversations about your brand and your competitors in the social media space and stay a step ahead of the competition by discovering how your consumers feel about other brands.

Sprout Social screenshot

Pricing: You can start with a 30-day free trial and then decide between three plans which cost $99-249 per user per month.


One of the best-known social media intelligence tools, Hootsuite monitors social trends, simplifies consumer research and analyzes real-time online conversations. It will help you stay on top of your competition by measuring risks and opportunities by tracking brand sentiment.

Hootsuite screenshot

Pricing: Plans range between $29-599/month and you can also request a custom plan.

Emplifi (ex. SocialBakers)

Emplifi is an AI-powered social media platform that offers audience analysis, influencer intelligence, content analysis and social listening. You can uncover the critical conversations and behaviors in your market with the help of AI and gain competitive intelligence to understand the performance of competing brands, as well as the sentiment around their content, their influencers and their overall brand perception.

Pricing: You will need to contact Emplifi for a customized plan.


Social media is all about video these days, and Tubular helps you see the entire video ecosystem. You can get ratings and context for digital video across all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and YouTube. You can objectively compare your video content, influencer partnerships or individual videos and creators.

Pricing: Tubular doesn’t disclose prices for its solution, so you’ll have to contact them to request a demo and pricing for your company.

Ad Spend Evaluation Tools


Kantar is one of the most trusted measurement and research companies. Among its many solutions it offers advertising monitoring and evaluation. Essentially, it helps you understand if you are spending your marketing dollars efficiently, if you need to change your budget allocation and how much each channel is contributing to your overall marketing performance.

Pricing: You need to contact Kantar to customize a solution and pricing for your needs.


Nielsen’s advertising effectiveness solution helps you answer the eternal marketing question: What is working and what’s not? Nielsen measures who you are reaching, how it resonates and the consumers’ reactions. This includes digital marketing but also offline media like TV. These insights will help you to maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Pricing: Nielsen will give you a custom price based on your needs.


Moat Analytics is a cross-device, cross-platform tool that is most known for audience verification and viewability, i.e. it helps you verify if your ads were actually shown to real people and not bots or fraudulent traffic. Moreover, it provides marketing intelligence tools to help you see a brand’s media and measurement strategy.

Pricing: Moat will charge you based on your specific needs.



Are you curious to find out what technology stack and tools different websites are built on? Just enter the URL of any website on BuiltWith and you will get info on the analytics and tracking tools they use, the frameworks and libraries they’re built on, which channels they use to advertise, their email hosting providers, their cloud/server provider and many more. 

Pricing: Plans are between $295-995/month.


Similar to BuiltWith, Wappalyzer enables you to reveal the tech stack of any website. On top of that, you can select a certain technology (e.g. Shopify) and get a report on all the sites that use that technology in a country or a specific language. It even offers an API that you can use to get all that data in a streamlined manner.

Pricing: Plans start at $50/month but can go up to the hundreds of dolla

rs per month depending on your needs.


Do you want to get an alert every time a change happens on a website. Just enter the URL of your competitor (or any website for that matter) in Visualping, sit back and relax. Every time an element changes on the website you will get an email. What’s more, you can isolate specific areas, elements, text or visuals and not the whole website, so that you don’t get flooded with alerts.

visualping screenshot

Pricing: You can start for free and have access to 2 pages per day. If, however, you’d like to access 10-333 pages on a daily basis there are plans between $4-58/month. You can also request a custom plan.

Deep Dive Duck

Deep Dive Duck’s concept is simple: you provide them with 10 of your competitors, they monitor 100 pages on each website, their AI scans them and detects changes, and you get a weekly email with all the above info. The AI learns over time what is important to you so that it focuses on the elements that are most relevant to your business. The alerts include changes in prices, new products and even staff changes.

Pricing: You can use Deep Dive Duck for one month and then you can decide if you want to pay the $49/month.


Instead of visiting your competitors sites, taking screenshots, updating a gigantic spreadsheet and emailing your team, you can use Competeshark. It will report changes on your competitors’ websites like content, layout experiments and new promotions and help you see the changes before and after. Moreover, you can get intelligence on your competitors’ audience targeting and get access to trend reports.

competeshark screenshot

Pricing: Competeshark offers a free trial, but you’ll have to contact them if you’d like to get a price for your company.

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