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Learn how to see the list of your extraction orders and their settings

Frequently asked questions

How to check the freshness of my data?

To check the freshness of your data, you can refer to the Last update column in the Data Table. This column displays the timestamp of the last data sync.

  • The last update date of the Extraction order shows the freshness of the data extracted from your connected Data source to the Internal Improvado storage
  • The last update date of the Load order shows the freshness of the data loaded from Internal Improvado Storage to your Data Warehouse

You can also manually trigger a data sync by clicking the Sync data now button from the Data Table page. This will update the data with the latest information.

You can check out a more in-depth guide for Data Tables here.

How to make sure that the schema of the data table will not be changed? (How to freeze data schema?)

If you want to keep a fixed data schema of the Data Table, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Settings tab on your Data Table page.
  2. Set Add new fields after extraction to No to use the fixed data schema (to freeze data schema). In this case, no matter which dimensions and metrics were selected on the extraction order configuration page, they will not be added to the data table.

Learn more here.

How to connect a Destination?

You can connect any destination in two simple steps:

  1. Select a Destination on this page
  2. Set up the connection by filling in all required fields specific to each Destination

The created connection will appear at the top of the Connected destinations list.

You can check out a more in-depth guide here or find a setup guide for the specific Destination here.

How quickly does an order start extraction after the manual trigger?

When an order is manually triggered, it enters a download queue on our side before synchronization begins. The extraction process starts once the order reaches the front of the queue. The wait time can vary depending on how busy the download queue is at that moment.

This queuing mechanism ensures orderly processing and optimal system performance, so your extraction will start as soon as possible based on queue availability.

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