How to Switch Connection for Existing Extraction Orders

Updated on

Nov 28, 2023


Switch Connection is a feature that allows you to transfer the extraction orders from one data source connection to another within one workspace.

Note: Before transferring extraction orders to another connection, you should perform a feasibility check to ensure that there are required accounts on the selected connection.

To initiate the transfer process, follow these steps:

  1. Select the extraction orders you want to update and click the Transfer to button.

Note: If you have more extraction orders on multiple pages, navigate to the next pages to select additional items for transfer.

  1. After list of available connections will appear. Select the connection that suits your needs.

Consider the following:

  • Invalid Connections: Any connections with authentication error will be marked as invalid and won't be available for selection.
  • All active connections are compatible for extraction order transfer.
  1. Click the Transfer N orders button to continue (where N represents the number of orders selected).

Transfer Results

The transfer process can have three possible outcomes:

Successful Transfer
  • All selected extraction orders are successfully transferred.
  • Required accounts for these orders are active and available on the new connection.
  • All settings in extraction orders are saved (including the custom settings and schedulings)
  • Regular data extraction will start automatically, not historical data extraction!


  • For paused extraction orders transfer:
  • ~If the pause was manually configured, the extraction order will not start automatically after the transfer.
  • ~if the order was paused automatically by Improvado's internal algorithm, it will start after the transfer is complete.
  • Orders in syncing status will have ongoing sync canceled, and a new sync will begin on the new connection.
Partial Transfer
  • Some orders were transferred successfully, but others were skipped due to the absence of active corresponding accounts on the new connection.
  • Successfully transferred orders retain their settings.
  • Regular data extraction proceeds as intended.
Transfer Failure
  • Rarely, the transfer may fail completely.
  • A reason is the absence of active corresponding accounts on the new connection.
  • Verify account availability on the other connections.

In case of any issues, please reach out to our support team via the Improvado Service Desk.

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