Where to Find Your Data Table Configuration

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Feb 7, 2024

To see the configuration of a data table, you need to:

  • select the Data explorer item in the left menu
  • choose the required data table in the list.

Here you will see four tabs:

  • Overview tab
  • Settings tab
  • Automation tab
  • Schema Preview tab

Overview tab

This tab shows you the list of extraction orders related to this data table.

Also, you may see a list of load orders related to this data table above.

Settings tab

This tab includes the following settings blocks:

  • Data class
  • Add new fields after extraction
  • Available dimensions
  • Available metrics

Data class

Data class defines how the data is collected. For example, if the data is collected monthly, you will not be able to view the values for a single week or day.

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Lifetime
  • Lifetime incremental
  • Default

Default data class means that the data collection model may change.

Add new fields after extraction

Follow these simple steps to be able to add new dimensions & metrics to the data schema of your Data Table:
Click on the Settings tab on your Data Table page.

Choose between two options:

  • "Add new fields after extraction" set to "Yes" to have the option to add new dimensions and metrics on the extraction order configuration page.
  • "Add new fields after extraction" set to "No" to use the fixed data schema. In this case, no matter which dimensions and metrics were selected on the extraction order configuration page, they will not be added to the data table.

Available dimensions and metrics

Available dimensions and Available metrics are presented in 2 lists :

  • All possible fields are on the left side of your screen
  • All selected are on the right

Note that some dimensions and metrics are selected by default and can’t be deselected. Data won’t be extracted without those.

Automation tab

Note that the Automation tab is hidden if no extraction orders are related to this data table. Otherwise, you see the auto-extract settings on this tab.

Auto extract new accounts

Yes option allows Improvado to extract new accounts when they become available in the connected business account.

Extraction template

If you want Improvado to extract new accounts automatically, select the necessary extraction template from the drop-down list and click the Update button to save changes.

Then you need to confirm changes by answering the following question: “This action will extract new accounts automatically and will affect your usage stats. Apply the change?”

Note that if auto extraction is allowed, you can not save changes without selecting an extraction template. If you try, you will see the error message “Extract template is required when the Auto extract new accounts flag is enabled.”

After account updating that is carried once a day, extraction orders will be created via auto-extract. They will be marked with the Automated label next to their names in the extraction orders list. In the Created by column you will see the email of a user who has set the auto-extract.

Schema Preview tab

Here you see the Data structure preview. It works by the same logic as the preview for extraction orders:

  • Values are displayed if data exists. Otherwise, No data message is displayed.
  • Data structure preview includes all columns and only ten rows of data from this data table

IMPORTANT: Metrics (CPC, CPM, CPA, etc.) calculated as a ratio of dynamic values will not be pushed to the destination or shown in your BI tools (PowerBI, Tableau, etc.) since there is no use in calculating such metrics in advance and storing them. These metrics will be available only in Improvado widgets.

Let's take CPC as an example. Cost per click for a period is calculated by dividing the overall cost of your ads by the number of clicks your ads received.

CPC = total_cost / number_of_clicks

Day Cost Clicks CPC
2023-02-01 $229.1 10 $22.91
2023-02-02 $129.3 7 $18.47
2023-02-03 $95.6 7 $13.66
2023-02-04 $34.9 1 $34.93
2023-02-05 $115.0 5 $23.00
2023-02-06 $277.0 15 $18.47
2023-02-07 $407.3 19 $21.44
Total $1288.3 64 ?

Let's calculate CPC using the values given in the table above:

CPC = $1288.3 / 64 = $20.13

Avg.CPC = $21.84

As you see, CPC for a week is not equal to the CPCs for the same seven days. You will also get an inaccurate result if you use the average value.

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