Sharing report via email

Updated on

Oct 19, 2023

You can turn your report into daily or weekly list-service e-mail.

To do this, click the Report Settings on the top of the Report screen.

Select the Schedule summary option at the top of the drop-down list that emerged. You will see the mailing setup window.

Here you can decide where, when and how often e-mail reports will be sent:

  • For daily email sending, you can
  • ~choose/type the time
  • ~define the time zone for reference
  • For weekly email sending
  • ~select the day (e.g. Monday)
  • ~choose/type the time
  • ~define the time zone for reference

In both cases, you can add several emails by clicking the plus (+) sign or remove existing with the minus (-)

The green arrow button allows you to send a message right now

  • good for testing: just add your email and force-send the message

To activate sharing options you choose you should click the checkbox near it, set up the date, time, list of addresses, and then save all changes by pressing the Save button at the bottom of the sharing menu.

Note that you can tick several checkboxes at the same time. Each type of mailing has its range of addresses, so you can configure the sending of reports to different groups of users and customers at different time intervals.

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