Flat Data Ingestion: File Requirements

Updated on

Oct 19, 2023

1. Supported file formats include:

  • .CSV, .XLSX
  • their compressed versions, such as .ZIP, .RAR, etc.
  • Improvado can also extract data from a Google Spreadsheet.

2. Your data must be in the UTF-8 encoding format

  • not containing any specific symbols such as emojis, hieroglyphs, etc.

3. Your file must have a horizontal data structure (one row serves for headers, the other rows are for the data).

  • If the first column serves for the headers, and the other columns – for the data, such a file won’t be processed.

4. Headers should be populated under one row (2 rows are not supported).

  • However, the headers row can be placed in any row (e.g. 1st or 10th) and must be fixed for all files.

5. In your file, the data should be populated starting with the first column.

6. Your data must include the "date" field.

  • If it is missing, Improvado will apply the current date (whenever your file is received) as a hardcoded value.

7. If your file has a total values row, it will be skipped.

8. No Pivot Tables in your file.

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