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Improvado.io Announces Data Partnership With Tableau

Improvado.io is excited to announce a partnership with leading analytics platform Tableau, to automate marketing data aggregation and visualization.

The partnership is built on Improvado.io’s ability to create an automated marketing data pipeline that feeds directly into any Tableau dashboard.

“This partnership will help marketing teams to showcase performance visually through the Tableau data analytics platform" 

"This will completely remove the manual process of getting marketing data into Tableau,” stated Anamika Sethi, Cofounder of Improvado.io. 

“At the moment, Improvado.io allows marketers and agencies to collect all their marketing data into one place, and visualize it in any BI tool in minutes. By collaborating with Tableau, our users can also send all this data to Tableau with the click of a button, where they can create visual dashboards of their metrics in real time.”  

Tableau is collaborating with Improvado.io to provide advanced visualization capabilities to marketers and agencies who are using Improvado.io to collect and centralize their digital marketing data.

“We have already seen mutual clients enjoying a more fluid experience, as they can now focus more of their valuable time on strategy and optimization, and less on the preparation of data before it is finally visualized in Tableau." 

"We’re excited to officially partner with a company like Tableau, who has set the bar high for business intelligence practices,” stated Arjun Varma, Vice President of Sales and Partnerships at Improvado.io.

Want to learn more about automating your marketing data with Improvado.io? Schedule a demo.

Earlier this year, Improvado.io announced it had closed a $3 million Seed round of funding. Early investors included executives from some of the most recognizable brands in the marketing world including Auren Hoffman the Liveramp founder, Omar Tawakol the founder of BlueKai, Rajeev Goel the founder of Pubmatic, and other industry titans like the founders from Doubleclick, Mediamath, Turn, Amobee, and Shopkick.

“We look forward to working with Tableau to empower more marketers with advanced analytics and visualization capabilities to make quick and informed decisions at a time where data insights are more important than ever,” Sethi says.

The Alliance Partnership with Tableau will put marketing teams at an advantage. Marketers no longer have to depend on manual processes or developers to build integrations, maintain databases, visualize or query data. Improvado.io allows them to connect data from all their marketing platforms, map metrics, and link this database to 3rd party BI tools like Tableau.

Want to learn more about automating your marketing data with Improvado.io? Schedule a demo.

About Improvado.io

Based in San Francisco, California, and backed by some of the biggest names in MarTech, improvado.io enables marketers and agencies to collect all their marketing data in one place, in minutes – empowering them to work smarter, not harder. Improvado provides a flexible and scalable marketing middleware solution that allows marketers to aggregate all their data and make sense of it. To learn more, visit Improvado.io.

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Improvado.io Announces Data Partnership With Tableau

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