Data transformation

Transform your data into insights that drive revenue

No code or SQL knowledge needed
Automated cross-channel normalization
Enterprise SLA

Avoid common data transformation pitfalls

Manual API requests

Invoking APIs every time you need to update marketing data wastes too much marketers’ time.

Engineering expertise

To pull insights from any data source, you need a separate piece of code for each API. That means you’ll need more engineering resources for a non-essential task.

Data inconsistency

Manual data loading puts your insights at risk of human error. Without automated quality control, analysts can insert incorrect data and mess up the final marketing performance picture.

SQL transformation queries

Building SQL queries requires too much time and engineering skills from your marketing team or additional help from software developers.

Data accuracy and granularity

Manual data manipulations put your data at risk of human errors and poor execution quality.

Low-quality dashboards

A low-quality manual transformation process poorly influences the results of the marketing analysis and distorts insights on the dashboard.

ETL software that changes the way marketing works

Data transformation simplified

Operate with tables instead of SQL queries. With Improvado, every marketer makes complex data operations without being a part-time developer.

The shortest road to answers

Reduce the time required to get actionable insights from 30% to 100% (compared to SQL)

Smooth onboarding

With Improvado you can onboard new analysts on a complex project in several clicks instead of weeks.

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Automated data extraction for all sorts of marketing activities

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Austin W
Google, Bing, & Facebook Advertising Expert

I liked how fast they finished projects and how well they communicated the status of those projects. Many problems were solved using Improvado.

Lee B.

I like the flexibility of their team/ customization. We're using Improvado for omnichannel campaigns, we needed data in one place at costs that made sense. It works for those data visualization needs.

Ryan Booth
COO at Chacka Marketing

Eliminated 90% of manual reporting hours per week.

DataPrep empowers marketers with new possibilities

Spreadsheet-like UI

Use pre-built or create your own transformation recipes to accelerate data harmonization. Apply a single recipe to all new accounts instead of executing the same SQL queries hundreds of times.

Transformation recipes

Use pre-built or create your own transformation recipes to accelerate data harmonization. Apply a single recipe to all new accounts instead of executing the same SQL queries hundreds of times.

Decision trees

Improvado’s decision trees help you enrich your dataset with new sources faster and optimize data for a better analysis outcome.


Find non-obvious, related data groups to automate the process of identifying and measuring similarities within a dataset. With segmented data, you can identify previously overlooked insights.

Skip SQL, map and transform data
with just a few clicks

Get raw data or mapped data

Specify whether you want to receive raw or mapped data based on your business needs.

Compare cross-channel metrics

Once aggregated, side-by-side comparisons of important cross-channel metrics can be used to address some of your biggest business decisions.

Change attribution models

Set your rules and define how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths.

Map Google Analytics data
with advertising data

Google Analytics provides APIs to collect, configure, and report on user-interactions with your online content.

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