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Streamline Global Marketing Reporting

Easily centralize marketing and sales data across multiple regional branches to build reports of any complexity with Improvado.

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Marketers make magic happen with Improvado

Improvado solution is designed to make your data work where and how you want it. where and how you want it.

Deep dimensional coverage 👉 geo's, creative, audiences, etc: “where the magic happens”.

Technology built for high data volumes with high-touch services and implementation teams built for the Enterprise.

A year-long challenge


Collect data from many regions, vendors, and platforms


Link tons of disparate data together and attribute it to revenue


Visualize all data for reporting and cross-team alignment

Improvado, a month-long answer


Automatically extract, transform, and centralize your marketing and sales data across multiple regions


Leverage precise revenue attribution powered by identity graphs and derive exact CACs and LTVs for your customer segments


Securely push your data to any marketing analytics or BI platform, or employ our Professional Services arm to build any reports

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Improvado helps ASUS streamline global marketing reporting.
Improvado Helps ASUS Take Full Control Of Their Global Marketing Data
Hours per week
IT resources savings
Marketing resources
saved annually
Jeff Lee
Head of Social & Marketing Data
"Improvado saves about 90 hours per week and allows us to focus on data analysis, rather than routine data aggregation, normalization, and formatting."
Jeff Lee, Head of Community and Digital strategy at ASUS
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Three steps to automated global marketing reporting

Marketing Analytics Audit
Improvado’s Professional Services arm conducts an audit of your marketing analytics infrastructure, campaign performance observability, and marketing & sales data quality.

The audit ensures that your marketing data is ready to be further transformed and analyzed. Typically, 60% of marketing data is underused, and this step allows your company to leverage all of the data collected.
Marketing Analytics Deployment
Once you’re through the audit, Improvado streamlines your data extraction and ensures high data quality and cross-channel normalization. Further, the platform attributes revenue to different marketing activities and pushes your data to centralized storage, whether it’s a data lake, data warehouse, or data mart.

Your analysts can securely push clean and precise data to any marketing analytics or BI platform. You can also choose to offload these routines to Improvado’s Professional Services.
A holistic picture of your marketing performance
Once you’ve visualized data across different regions, vendors, and platforms, you can switch from any data heavy-lifting to analyzing your marketing performance and employing discovered insights to scale your marketing performance further.

At Improvado, we understand that pure performance might not be your end goal. We future-proof the deployed marketing analytics solutions to help your business improve profitability rates and grow market share in the long run.

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