Flat Data Ingestion: FTP/SFTP Data Ingestion


Your data provider or your own software must be able to send reports via FTP/SFTP automatically and regularly.

How to Set Up an FTP/SFTP Data Ingestion?

Step 1. Create a New Flat Data Ingestion request using Improvado Service Desk:

  • provide us with the required details about this integration by filling out all the request fields.
  • make sure you have attached an example of the data table you want to see.
  • specify the update logic you want for your table:
    - append (new data rows are added to the end of the table)
    - incremental (records get modified, but the old data is saved too)
    - snapshot (overwriting of all the data each time).
  • explain the FTP server’s folder structure.
  • specify the type of FTP connection needed: FTP / SFTP /FTPS.

Step 2. Get a confirmation from Improvado whether we can ingest your data or instructions on what needs to be changed in order to make it possible.

Step 3. Set up access:

  • In case you want to use the Improvado FTP-server, there are two possible options: SFTP or FTPS.
    - to set up SFTP, we need to get your public SSH-key
    - to set up FTPS, we will create a login and password for you.
  • In case you want us to load data from your FTP-server
    - for SFTP connections, we will provide our public SSH-key on your request
    - for FTP/FTPS, we will need to get a login/password from you.

Step 4. Send test data to a pre-determined destination.

Step 5. Get a confirmation from Improvado whether we have successfully loaded the data.

Step 6. Schedule reports delivery from your data platform.