Learn how you can manage workspaces for your team


Workspaces provide users with access to a single environment, with all the features, data, and objects that belong to that group alone. It allows you to create and join multiple user groups within the same agency and manage user roles for its members.

User roles

Roles can be assigned to each user in the workspace. Here are all available user roles:

  • Owner is a user with extended access rights who can see and manage all workspace settings and assign all roles to other users. This is an Improvado instance-level role and does not affect the user's visibility in workspaces. For now, this role can be assigned to a user by request only.
  • Admin is a user who can invite and manage only the workspaces where they are an admin.
  • Member is a member of the agency who has access to the workspace and can work with data within a workspace.

Why workspaces are important to your team?

  • Have more flexible control over user access and permissions to agency data.
  • Create workspaces for different user groups and manage their access via UI.
  • Conveniently separate data within the same agency.

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