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Sometimes businesses require access to advertising data within their own ecosystem.

Accomplishing this requires the arduous process of integrating via various API connectors and performing routine maintenance to avoid inevitable issues when platforms make any unannounced updates.

Improvado's simple and comprehensive API will solve all these problems: All your advertising data, one API, hold the headaches.

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    How it works

    Connect Data Sources

    Connect and manage all your marketing data sources in one platform in the cloud or on-premise. Improvado provides a set of connectors to more than 100 types of data sources and makes them connected in a few clicks.

    Data warehouse

    Connect multiple data sources and make them look like a single virtual database. You can use improvado.io data warehouse built on PostgreSQL or connect your own data warehouse.


    Improvado.io offer approach with data consolidation on the fly. Combine, map and normalise data to produce a comprehensive data set for your marketing activities.

    Visualization platforms

    You can use it directly with your favourite Business Intelligence Tools, ingest it to econometric models, populate the enterprise data warehouse, manage your processes, or use it together with improvado.io mapping tool.

    How it works

    Improvado is an ETL platform that extracts data from various data sources, transforms the data, and loads the results to a final destination.

    We have over 200 integrations and counting and can build out new integrations upon request.

    Improvado pulls sales and marketing data at many granular dimensions such as campaign level, geo level, ad level, keyword level, etc. With this approach, marketers can identify actionable insights based on their dataset.

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