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March 2023

MCDM improvements 🎉

New version of the Marketing Common Data Model User Interface  

Now you can manage the recipes available for you (e.g., apply changes in custom mapping) and check the status of your models, look through the list of other recipes and, request them in one click!

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New Paid Ads Google Analytics Recipe

The Paid Ads Google Analytics Recipe provides analytics on marketing channel performance with granularity on web analytics metrics such as users, sessions, events, purchase, and revenue.

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New eCommerce Recipe

The eCommerce Recipe allows you to join data with the eCommerce data In particular, the following sources are available:

  • Shopify (joined by UTMs)
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Amazon Selling Central
  • Amazon Vendor Central

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Data Loading improvements 🎉

Workload Identity Federation authentication

We’ve implemented Workload Identity Federation authentication type for Google Big Query and Google Cloud Storage. This approach eliminates the maintenance and security burden associated with service account keys.

Service Desk improvements 🎉

Feedback or suggestion request type

The new Feedback or suggestion request type is now available via Improvado Service Desk.

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New API integrations 🧩

We have added three new data sources with the following report type:




Check Improvado Data Dictionary to see detailed information about these and other report types and their metrics.

API changes ⚙️

LinkedIn Ads

‍We have upgraded our LinkedIn Ads API to v202302.

For more information, see LinkedIn Ads API documentation.

TikTok Ads

We have upgraded our TikTok Ads API to v1.3.

For more information, see TikTok Ads API documentation.

Amazon Advertising

We have upgraded our Amazon Advertising API to v3.

For more information, see Amazon Advertising API documentation.

New Report Types 📊

The following report types are available starting this month:


Youtube Organic

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot API)

Amazon Attribution

Amazon Vendor Central


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