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May 16, 2024

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To better understand the Improvado Marketing Common Data Model and how it works, you can check the Improvado MCDM Overview.

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The Paid Ads Google Analytics Recipe provides analytics on marketing channel performance with granularity on web analytics metrics such as users, sessions, events, purchase, and revenue.

This solution has the following features:

  • Basic performance + GA4 metrics, so marketing receive super precise performance measurements by dimensions: users, sessions, events, purchase, revenue
  • Breakdown GA4 metrics & dimensions by devices
  • Breakdown GA4 metrics & dimensions by geo

Marketing value

The Paid Ads Google Analytics Recipe provides the benefit of allocating your website traffic traced to your ad campaigns. This will allow you to determine the key performance indicators, such as:

  • Performance for ad level granularity for all channels with web analytics, all on one dashboard
  • Granular web analytics outside of destination URL
  • Reverse track page performance as it correlates to particular campaigns, ad groups, and engagement level analytics
  • Ads spend performance across multiple regions, geographies, and devices as it correlates to particular campaigns, ad groups, and engagement level analytics
  • Up to date with GA4 API


You can find the Demo Dashboard here.

Technical Details

MCDM Data Dictionary


Tech Schema

Transformation Details
  1. Paid Ads Sources and Google Analytics data merged by UNION.
  2. Google Ads Data filtered by campaign_name that is included in Paid Ads Sources.
    You may lose data from Google Analytics if the campaigns' names differ from Paid Ads.
  3. Fields utm_source, utm_campaign, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_ad_content merged in one column from both sources (country_code, region_code, operating_system, device_category).

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