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August 2023

Streamline data management with Workspaces πŸ”₯

Workspace is a special environment that is isolated from other such environments and all entities within this environment are available only to a specific group of users.

‍Key Features:

  • Creation of workspaces via UI
  • Separation of the main entities of Improvado (connections, extracts, data, loads)
  • Separate user access to main entities of Improvado
  • Basic user management via Workspace (adding users to workspaces)

Extract data from Google Sheets via User Interface πŸ”₯

Before it was a custom option, but now we are adding it to our Data Extraction User Interface as a fully self-serve flow, significantly simplifying and speeding up the import of data to Improvado via Google Sheets.

Key Features:

  • Connect an account with Google Sheets.
  • Import data from your spreadsheet using the URL (select a tab and columns).
  • Configure extraction settings (table name, scheduling, etc.).

Ad Preview is now available as a Recipe πŸŽ‰

The Ad Preview Recipe empowers your analytics on the paid advertising campaigns by introducing the ad creative previews provided as separate reports for every ads data source you have connected if they support creative previews extraction.

Key features:

  • Enable Ad Preview self-serve instead of only by request
  • All Report types available for Ad Preview are displayed on the UI via Recipe Observability.
  • Understand what is happening at the specific time with your Ad Preview
  • All media is stored in Improvado’s AWS S3 so you shouldn't worry about the storage and the expiration of your images.

Mobile Analytics Recipe is available πŸ“±

The Mobile Analytics Recipe is a powerful solution that combines data from marketing data sources (such as Branch, Kochava, Adjust API, AppsFlyer, and others) to create a comprehensive view of mobile marketing performance.

MCDM updates ⚑

  • Improved the eCommerce Recipe so now it results in a single report instead of three separate ones.

Attribution updates πŸ“Š

  • Completely switched to the Attribution core v2
  • Added support of new Ads Data source - Terminus
  • Completely finished case attribution based on Zoho CRM + GA4 data
  • Fixed some bugs and hardcode in the core logic


New API integrations 🧩

We have added a new data source with the following report types:

Google Ad Manager (by Advertiser)

Check Improvado Data Dictionary to see detailed information about these and other report types and their metrics.


API changes βš™οΈ

Facebook API

We have upgraded our Facebook API to v16.This change affects the following data sources:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Pages
  • Instagram Stories and Mentions
  • Instagram Organic
  • Instagram Hashtag

For more information, see Facebook API documentation.

Google Ad Manager

‍We have upgraded our Google Ad Manager API to v202305.

For more information, see Google Ad Manager API documentation.


New Report Types πŸ“Š

The following report types are available starting this month:

Google Campaign Manager (by Profile)

Facebook Pages


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