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Nov 11, 2023

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To better understand the Improvado Marketing Common Data Model and how it works, you can check the Improvado MCDM Overview.

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Ad Preview Recipe empowers your analytics on the paid advertising campaigns by introducing the ad creative previews provided as separate reports for every ads data source you have connected if they support creative previews extraction.

Once the Recipe is enabled, you can analyze how well specific creatives performed not only by their names or links (which is not the easiest way to work with the media data) but pulling the actual creative images right to the dashboards you are using.

Ad Preview Recipe enriches your reports and dashboards by adding the actual media to detect whether it needs to be changed, updated, or replaced.

Marketing value

  • Display the actual Creative Media along with the other data you are using when analyzing the ads campaigns.
  • All the media is stored in Improvado’s AWS S3 so you shouldn't worry about the storage.
  • Enriched ads analytics by easier relationship identification between the creative and the ad’s or campaign’s performance.

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