Widget 2.0: Extended Visualization Options

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Apr 26, 2024

There are four ways how data can be presented in widget 2.0, previously only available at the campaign level data:

They are pretty similar to widgets available for Campaign-level data, but may have some new specifics.


Tables have remained the same tried and true way of presenting your data. However we have made some improvements, such as:

  • Ability to Transpose the table, switching rows and columns with each other.
  • Extended configuration by clicking “Config” on any metric, allowing you to change the visual name and set the desired number of decimal points for each metric.

Graph/Chart and Histogram

Graph is a very handy way of presenting your data and all previously available metrics in your widget can now be visualized as a line or column chart. Most of the settings are very similar to the table widget, however a key one to mention is:

The dimension field (in the screenshot above) allows you to select your x-axis, while metrics that you select from the bottom list will be displayed as line/column measures.

Configuration menu is also different, allowing you for more graph specific customization:

  • Custom title (similar to the table)
  • Number of decimal points
  • Line (or column) color
  • Chart type (line or histogram)
  • Axis label position (left or right side)
  • Data labels (show/hide)

All these options affect only the variable they refer to, so you can have lines and histograms with different colors and labeling policy in one chart.

Pie chart

Pie chart is another useful option to create a quick and easy overview of the key metrics. The widget settings are the same as with the graph option, allowing you to select a dimension for breakdown as well as click the variables below to show their values for each available dimension.

Of course, you can select several variables in this chart - and you will have multiple charts in the same group. Like in all ways of data presentation mentioned above, you can customize each variable separately.

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Widget 2.0: Extended Visualization Options


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