To use a Looker visualization platform you should visit and generate your connection credentials (or get already generated ones). At the Templates tab on the same page you can see pre-defined templates, showing how to use looker visualization capabilities with improvado report data.

How to create new report from template in looker step-by-step


  1. Add a new view from the database, e.g. for adsets type data for Adwords - adsets_103_adwords:
  • Click on “+”, select “Create view from table”
  • Select the connection database
  • Select table
  • Scroll down and click on the button “Create Views”
  1. Change the “explore” name in the model.
  1. Copy code description for metrics from the previous view to your new view.
  1. Change explore name in the LookML Dashboard in each widget and change account_id within a filter.
  1. Save all changes and click on button “View dashboard”