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Oct 19, 2023

Image Upload

You can add an image to your report, there is a widget dedicated specially for this.


This widget is one of the easiest to use: you can drag and drop your picture into the square field in the center or click on it and select your file in the browser window pop-up. You can name your widget with the rounded rectangle input field above (where now you can see “File upload (Image)”, you can replace this text with yours) or add a new caption with a similar input field below.


Press Apply and your image with labels will be added to report.

CSV Upload

You can add CSV with a CSV-upload widget.

IMPORTANT: please note that this data will not be stored in the database.

The correctly formatted spreadsheet can then be uploaded to Improvado by clicking on the ‘Add Widgets’ button in the top right corner. Click on the ‘CSV Upload’ widget and the ‘Next’ button to add the file to the report.


You can then drag the CSV file or upload it here to add it the report as a table.


That’s how the menu looks when the file is uploaded.


After pressing Next you can choose how to display your CSV: as a table, a chart or a pie chart.


After that, you will go to the widget customization window which looks similar to table, crat and pie chart widgets, but is simplified (e.g. don’t have filtering options).

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