Criteo deprecated the previously functional MAPI service

Updated on

Oct 19, 2023

Since May 24th, 2021 Criteo deprecated the previously functional MAPI service, which may cause inconsistencies in the Criteo data extraction process.

Please, follow the steps described below to switch from MAPI to REST API and make sure to avoid the interruptions in the data supply process.

1) Log into your developer’s account at (if you don’t have an account - please, create it first).

2) Once logged in, create a new application here.

3) Create a new key.

IMPORTANT: Once a new key is created, a .txt file containing client_id and client_secret will be generated. Save it to use the credential later to connect your data.


4) Select the type of service → Marketing Solutions


5) Provide Read access to all 4 instance in the Authorization section:


6) Scroll all the way up and activate the app clicking on the button in the upper right corner:


7) After you’ve activated the app you’ll need to generate a new url. Click Generate new URL button in the upper right corner. It will appear in the same place where Activate app button was.


8) Copy the URL. Log into your business Criteo account at and follow the generated link to provide access to previously created app to advertising instances upon your choice.

9) Log into Improvado UI and create a new Criteo connection on the Data Sources tab, using the client_id and client_secret from the .txt file downloaded previously. 

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Criteo deprecated the previously functional MAPI service


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