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Oct 19, 2023

We offer you to start on creating reports more easily using templates, including carrying over the widgets, tabs, and filters to reports created from one of your templates.

How can I create my first template?

The Templates tab itself is identical to Reports, excepting the button at the top right corner - it says Generate template instead of Generate report.

To create your first template and all subsequent ones, click the orange Generate template button in the upper right corner.

This will bring up the template creation menu, which is similar to report creation one.

By default it contains two fields:

  • Template name
  • Template access

Type the name of a new template (this is the only field which is strictly required). Website/app/page/client as the prompt says, can serve as the name of the template, but do not limit the list of possible names.

The second line allows you to manage template access:

  • Full access templates are available for the whole team
  • Custom access template at the beginning will be available only for you and you will be able to set up user permissions later

By clicking the Create template button, you immediately create a template and go to its page.

The interface of this page is almost completely analogous to the report page interface, but it doesn’t load actual data or provide sharing:

  • You can not share your template by private link, or create a PDF-file with your template
  • In addition, you can not visualize template in third-party visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, Looker, etc.), because template only forms the structure of the future reports

All other report options are available:

  • Just like with a regular report, you can create new tabs or clone already created one
  • Just like with a regular report, you can add widgets

IMPORTANT: modifying templates will affect only new reports without changing already existing ones.

How can I use a template?

You can use the template for two purposes:

In the report creation menu (or the template creation one, as far as they are similar) you can select a template needed with the corresponding option, appears if you have created at least one template.

Click the left mouse button on the Templates line in that dialog and choose a template from the list expanded.

The report or template created in this way will use the same widgets, rules and settings, it will not be customized again from scratch each time.

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