Create a template

Now that you have created a very intricate report for your client, we offer templates so you have a head start on creating reports for your other clients as well, including carrying over the widgets, tabs, and filters to reports created from this template.

How can I create one?

The templates tab itself is identical to Reports, excepting the red button at the top right corner - it says “Generate template” instead of “Generate a report”.


When you press generate template button a template creation dialog appears, which is similar to report creation one.


In this window, you must enter the name of the template and access type. By pressing the create template button, you immediately create a template and go to its page.

The template interface is almost completely analogous to the report interface, but it doesn’t load actual data or provide sharing: you can not share your template by private link, sheldue e-mails or create a PDF-file with your template In addition, you can not visualize template in third-party visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, Looker, etc.), because template only forms the structure of the future reports.


All other report options are available:

  • Just like with a regular report, you can use the config metrics menu and map metrics (exept dynamic ones).
  • Just like with a regular report, you can create new tabs or clone already created one.
  • Just like with a regular report, you can create widgets (you will learn more about widgets at the next chapter).
  • You can add and edit Datasources (but without data).
  • You can add and edit widgets and see how it will visualise data by using the “sample” datasource generated to form a template and issuing a sinusoid for all the basic metrics.
  • Modifying templates should only affect new reports without changing already existing ones.

How to use a template?

In the report creation dialog (or the template creation one, as far as they are similar) you can select a template needed with the corresponding option.


Press left mouse button on the Templates line in that dialog and choose a template from the list expanded.


The report or template created in this way will use the same widgets, rules and settings, it will not be customized again from scratch each time.