Line/Column Chart

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Nov 11, 2023

Sometimes table is not that visual. You may need some lines or bars to see the processes dynamics. Line/column Chart is an option for you then.

All visual widgets (not tables) will have the similar common settings: all fields that every widget has plus Dimension input field (right between Name and Time Range).

It is important - Dimension defines how you data will be grouped and which labels you will see on the X axis of your chart. It can be date, platform or whatever dimension will fit your purposes best (from the list of dimension given to you in the drop-down window).

Config menu is more detailed. You can set up:

  • Variable title (similar to previous type)
  • Amount of decimal places in numbers (same)
  • Line (or row) color
  • Chart type (line or histogram)
  • Axis label position (left side or right side)
  • Data labels (show/don’t show)
  • Axis labels (show/don’t show)

All this options affect only variable they refer to, so you can have lines and histograms with different colors and labeling policy in one chart).

Using this options will help you with building charts that allows you comparing different metrics in a very visual way - just select different columns and assign them different colors, types and axis position:

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