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May 6, 2024

The Select Data Sets menu provides you also with an additional opportunity to add a new data source. Instead of opening the Data Sources tab from the menu and adding a new data source on the corresponding page you can scroll down the list of connected data sources on the right of the Select Data Sets menu.

At the bottom of the list, you will see data sources that you could also connect but haven’t connected yet. For example, we haven’t connected Taboola to our demonstration account. It is displayed at the bottom of the integrations list under the blank line and caption Or add new data sources.

{%docs-informer info%} If you have not find a suitable data source, click on the Make a new connection button and you will be taken to the new connect interface page. {%docs-informer-end%}

We are pressing on Criteo and the Connectors pop-up appears. Here you can see the list of connected accounts, update them or add another connection just like it happens in the Data Sources tab.

Click Add or update connector button to move to an authorization page.

This is the same connection form with the one you can see in the Data Source tab while adding new data source there and it asks for the same credentials.

This instrument also allows you to add a .csv file as a data source.

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