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June 2023

New way to extract your data from GA4 ⭐

Google Analytics 4 API configurator allows you to create custom extraction templates with flexible dimension settings.

There is no binding to the data structure specified in Improvado. Any set of compatible dimensions and metrics allowed in the GA4 API is available for extraction.

Marketing Dashboard 2.0 is available! 📊

We’ve also created two new Recipes specifically for this dashboard, and now, Marketing Dashboard consists of four Recipes:

Contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.

MCDM updates

  • Mapping for StackAdapt and Reddit was extended
  • Model and mapping for Organic Recipe were adjusted

Attribution updates ✨

  • Hubspot meetings were added to Improvado Attribution

New API integrations 🧩

We have added a new data source with the following report types:


Check Improvado Data Dictionary to see detailed information about these and other report types and their metrics.

API changes ⚙️

Pinterest Ads & Pinterest Organic

We have upgraded our Pinterest API to v5.

For more information, see Pinterest Ads API documentation.

Google Ad Manager

We have upgraded our Google Ad Manager API to v202302.

For more information, see Google Ad Manager API documentation.

Apple Search Ads

We have upgraded our Apple Search Ads API to v4.8.

For more information, see Apple Search Ads API documentation.


We have upgraded our Klaviyo API to v2023-02-22.

For more information, see Klaviyo API documentation.

New Report Types 📊

The following report types are available starting this month:

Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising)

Google Analytics 4

Google Campaign Manager (by Advertiser)


  • DMA report type
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