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Oct 19, 2023

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To better understand the Improvado Marketing Common Data Model and how it works, you can check the Improvado MCDM Overview.

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SEO Recipe provides you with data from web trackers and search engines. It allows you to analyze the traffic coming from the organic search and define the optimal strategy to optimize your SEO channels and track their performance.

The Recipe consists of three reports:

  • Basic Performance (```seo__basic_performance```) - get an overview and insights on the basic SEO channel metrics such as the total visitors/users, the total amount of sessions, the global bounce rate, the total events, or even a particular page's performance.
  • Geo Performance (```seo__geo_performance```) - get an overview and insights on how your traffic performs around the globe and find potential ways to expand your traffic and improve specific region's performance.
  • Device Performace (```seo__device_performance```) - get an overview and insights on how distributed your traffic is across multiple platforms and devices. Learn if your customers are primarily using mobile phones, desktops, or, who knows, wearable devices to reach your website.


The Recipe is used on three pages of the Marketing Dashboard 2.0. They all make up a separate Search Engine Opt. section with several dashboards:

  • Executive Summary - overall summary of all the SEO sources’ performance. Represent primarily total values for views, sessions, users, and events amount.
  • Page Performance - reports with the data broken down by pages and UTM sources providing a certain page or UTM source performance in terms of sessions, views, spends, conversions, etc.
  • Segment Analysis - reports in terms of audience distribution provide an overview of the channels’ performance as of geographical and device distribution.

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