Widget 2.0: Global Filter

Updated on

Apr 26, 2024

You can now use Improvado 2.0 Widget to create a widget filter linked to your data table. It allows you to temporarily apply filters for each available column without needing to access the widget’s settings.

This also means that if you share a report with your client, they will also be able to filter big data tables with the help of this widget.

In order to add this widget to your report":

  • Click “Add Widget”
  • Click “Select Data”
  • Select the same 2.0 report type as your data widget
  • Select widget type - here you need to choose “Filter”
  • Click “Apply”

That’s it! A Filter widget has been created. You can find it in the dashboard:

Remember: You can add only one global filter widget per report.

You can Resize this widget, move it Up or Down and Delete like any other, but you can’t Clone it or Edit it’s properties.
To start using this filter:

  • Click input field under “Filter By” caption
  • Select a dimension in the provided drop-down list (you can choose only one at a time)
  • Click the second field
  • Select exact items in the drp-down list (this one allows multiple choice)
  • Click “Apply“

You can see an example that will enable filter that will show data only about impressions tracked on iPad, iPod and desktop PCs - after clicking “Apply” it will affect all widgets on this page.

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