Report tabs

Updated on

Oct 19, 2023

While working with your report, you can see the new Report Tabs item in the left menu and Add Tab button underneath.

Сlick the Add Tab button to add a separate dashboard where you can place any widgets you want, choose different filters, etc.

To see additional functionality, hover your mouse cursor over the tab.

Two icons will appear:

  • a hamburger icon
  • a gear icon

The left one (a hamburger icon) allows you to reorder your tabs in the list. Holding down the left mouse button, you can drag this tab up and down.

The right one (a gear icon) allows you to see a drop-down list containing the following options:

  • Rename tab
  • Clone tab
  • ~The created tab will differ from the original one only by the word (Copy) in the title
  • Delete tab
  • ~Note that you can not delete the last existing tab in the report.

If there are too many tabs to fit on your screen, you can scroll them up and down as well as the menu items to look through all of them.

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