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Oct 19, 2023

The next time you return to, you will be automatically redirected to the Reports page.

This page provides you a list of your reports with short descriptions and the ability to configure a new report.

If you want to create a new report, click the Generate a report button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Сheck out this articlе to learn how to create a new report.

You can use the search field to find the necessary report by the report name. Also, you can sort the data ascending or descending in every column.

The reports list contains five columns. Let's look at each of them in more detail.

Report name

The value in this column is clickable. Click it to move to the specific report page.


You can filter reports by the Responsible column. It is available to select one or several responsible persons from the list, as well as see reports for which the responsible is not set.

There is a search input field inside to find the necessary person.

Access mode

Possible options:

  • Full - all members of your agency have full access to the report
  • Custom - only selected members of your agency can view and/or edit the report

You can configure access to the report in the following way (Specific report name -> Report settings -> Access settings).

Shared by

Possible options:

  • Link
  • Email
  • Link / Email - both ways of sharing the report are used
  • None - no way to share the report is used

You can share the report in the following way (Specific report name -> Report settings -> Sharing settings).


This column shows the date when the report was created.

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