Login Throttling

Login Throttling is necessary to protect your accounts from repeatedly and unsuccessfully is trying to log in (brute-force attack).

How it works

This feature restricts the number of guesses an attacker can attempt while giving users multiple opportunities to remember their passwords. It works according to the following scheme:

  • 1-4 failed attempts = no delay
  • 5 failed attempts = 30 min delay. You will see an error message "Your account is disabled. Please try again in 30 minutes".

After 5 unsuccessful retries to log in with the same login / same source IP, you will have a delay before trying again.

Two scenarios are possible:

  • The same IP address unsuccessfully trying to log in to multiple accounts.
  • The same account unsuccessfully trying to log in to many different IP addresses.

IMPORTANT: Throttling does not affect the possibility to sign In with Google. It is always available!

How to unlock an account earlier than 30 minutes

To unlock your account faster, you can contact your Customer Success Manager or raise a request in Improvado Service Desk.

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