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October 2023

AI Assistant New Features ✨

  • We have moved to a new powerful model that has shown a two-fold increase in the speed of operation.
  • Released the Company Rules feature, where companies can describe their unique rules, definitions, designations, and the AI Assistant will execute them. You can learn more in the article.

Launched a new Interpret Results feature

This feature allows for the analysis of SQL execution results and gaining insights from the data.

Updated the TableChooser

Now, when selecting tables, all necessary meta-information is available: table descriptions, date of last update, table name, and its designation.

Import your Flat Data via User Interface 🔥

It significantly simplifies and speeds up file import to Improvado since now it's a self-serve flow!
You can check out the demo we created specifically for this feature here.

MVP Key Features:

  • Import CSV/TSV files directly via Improvado UI
  • Configure settings (table name, skip rule, etc.)
  • Upload additional files with the same structure to one Data Table

Also, we've added a new Data Source Category: Flat Data (Google Sheets & File Import).

Run Extraction & Run Load buttons

🎉 Now you can start Extraction and Load Orderswith the selected date range!

🎯 The new Run Extraction and Run Load buttons are available in:

  • Extraction/Load Orders list in Data Table
  • Extraction/Load Order Details page

MCDM Updates

  • You can now customize mapping separately for each workspace using the new workspace_id column in the custom mapping spreadsheet. Learn more here.

New API integrations 🧩

We have added 5 new data sources with the following report types:

Adobe Workfront

TikTok Organic




Check Improvado Data Dictionary to see detailed information about these and other report types and their metrics.

API changes ⚙️


We have upgraded our Criteo API to v2023-07.
For more information, see Criteo API documentation.

New Report Types 📊

The following report types are available starting this month:

Google Ads


Amazon Advertising DSP

Google Universal Analytics


Google Campaign Manager (by Advertiser)

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