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April 2023

Data Loading improvements 🎉

Google Big Query managed by Improvado

GBQ managed by Improvado is a feature that speeds up the creation process of GBQ instances and makes it much easier.

Data Visualization improvements 🎉

The new Clickhouse JDBC connector for Tableau

The new Clickhouse JDBC connector for Tableau greatly simplifies the process of connecting the Tableau platform to Improvado.

MCDM improvements

The new version of MCDM User Interface

The new version of MCDM UI has improved UI & UX and provides the following features:

  • The new entity - Resources.
    Each Recipe can have multiple Resources such as Demo Dashboards and Data Dictionary
  • Output data tables for the successfully built Recipe
  • BI Demo Dashboards
  • The Recipe's update schedule is now displayed in the UI
  • Updated documentation links in the UI

Mapping updates

  • You will get your data faster thanks to incremental load for all recipes.
    It significantly improves data load speed and reduces the workload on our infrastructure
  • New TikTok mapping was added in Paid Ads Age & Paid Ads Gender performance reports
  • Simplified the process of adding new fields and changing report types in MCDM mapping

Normalization updates

  • Optimized determination of the age groups in MCDM Age Normalization.
    Now the groups that were marked not identified will be presented as separate age groups

API changes ⚙️

Google Ads

We have upgraded our Google AdsAPI to v13.

For more information, see Google Ads API documentation.

New Report Types 📊

The following report types are available starting this month:


Everflow Affiliate API

Google Analytics 4

Amazon Seller Central


Criteo Retail Media

Google Campaign Manager (by Advertiser)


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