SFTP - Troubleshooting

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Jan 29, 2024

While configuring your SFTP connection, you may encounter several issues. Understanding these common errors can help streamline the setup process and facilitate quick resolutions.

SFTP connection failure

  • Wrong host (invalid)
  • Wrong host (valid, but does no FTP configuration) OR wrong port
  • Wrong port
  • Whitelist problem
  • Other connection troubles
  • Invalid host key

Error messages:

{%docs-informer error%} "Failed to connect to the SFTP server. Please check that host and port are correct. If you are using a firewall, make sure you whitelisted our IP's in your network policy and select "Use static IP = YES" in connection parameters." "Invalid host key. Please check your SFTP server configuration." {%docs-informer-end%}

General Solution

Verify Host and Port Settings:

  • Ensure that the host address and port number for the SFTP server are entered correctly. Double-check for any typographical errors.
  • Confirm that the port number corresponds to the one used by your SFTP server for connections.

Check Firewall and Network Policy:

  • If you're using a firewall, review your network policy to ensure that the IP addresses used for the SFTP connection are whitelisted.
  • This includes verifying that the SFTP server's IP address is allowed through any firewalls or network security systems in place.

Configure Static IP Option:

  • In your connection parameters, find the option to "Use static IP."
  • Set this option to "YES" to establish a stable connection using a consistent IP address.

Retry Connection:

  • If the initial connection attempt fails, try connecting to the SFTP server again after a short period. Temporary network issues or server downtimes could be a factor.

Review SFTP Server Configuration:

  • in case of persistent connection issues, examine your SFTP server's configuration settings. Ensure that it is set up correctly and is operational.

Refer to the Documentation if necessary.

Wrong permissions

Error message:

{%docs-informer error%} "Permission denied. Please check that folder is correct or check your SFTP server configuration." {%docs-informer-end%}


Verify Folder Path:

  • Confirm that the folder path you are trying to access on the SFTP server is correct. Check for any typing errors in the folder name or path.
  • Ensure that the folder exists on the server and that the path accurately leads to it.

Check User Permissions:

  • Review the permissions set for your user account on the SFTP server. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to access the folder in question.
  • You might need to ```READ```, ```WRITE```, or ```EXECUTE``` permissions, depending on the actions you are trying to perform.

Review SFTP Server Configuration:

  • Examine your SFTP server's configuration settings. There may be restrictions or specific configurations that are causing the permission denial.
  • Check if there are any server-side rules or settings that specifically restrict access to the folder.

Consult IT or Server Administrator:

  • If you are unable to verify or adjust the permissions yourself, contact your IT department or the server administrator for assistance. They can check the server settings and modify permissions as necessary.

Retry Access:

  • After ensuring the correct folder path and adjusting permissions, try accessing the folder again on the SFTP server.

Wrong input data

  • Password is not specified
  • Wrong authentication type or wrong credentials
  • Wrong user/password

Error messages:

{%docs-informer error%} "Authentication failed. Please check your credentials." "Password is required to unlock private key. Please check your credentials." "Bad authentication type. Please check your credentials. " "Invalid host key. Please check your SFTP server configuration." {%docs-informer-end%}


Review Credentials:

  • For 'Authentication failed' errors, recheck your username, password, or key files to ensure they're accurate and current.

Private Key Password:

  • If a password is required for a private key, confirm you're using the correct one. Reset or replace the key if you're uncertain.

Authentication Type:

  • For 'Bad authentication type' errors, ensure your authentication method (password or key-based) matches what the SFTP server expects.

{%docs-informer info%} If none of the provided solutions worked, feel free to raise a request via the Service Desk {%docs-informer-end%}

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