How to Create a New Request

Updated on

Oct 19, 2023

1. Select the Service Desk item in the left menu to open the Improvado Service Desk.

Here you can raise a request from the options provided. The complete list of available request types is described here.

Using the search button, you can find help and services.

2. Click any option under the What can we help you with? line to add a new request. The following menu will appear:

3. Fill in the required information. The set of fields depends on the request type. The following fields are general:

  • Summary - like a one-line description of your task.
  • Description - here, you can describe the problem in detail:
  • ~What should be done?
  • ~Which components are affected?
  • ~When is the result needed?
  • ~You can give any info you suppose to be important.

4. If everything is correct, you will be moved to the page of a newborn request. It will look like this:

Also, you will see two changes on the Service Desk Portal page:

  • A new section will appear and show your recently used request forms
  • A small blue circle with a number will appear in the Requests button at the top right corner
  • ~if you had access to other requests before the number will increase

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