Google Big Query

BigQuery is Google's serverless, highly scalable, enterprise data warehouse designed for your data analysts. Improvado can load all data gathered from dozens of available datasources to this storage.

How to connect

To work with your GBQ storage imporvado needs only a JSON-file with your GBQ credentials. You can obtain this file by following this instruction on your Google Cloud account. This process is simple and is described well on the GBQ website. Don't forget to set up the jobUser & dataEditor/dataOwner roles given to service account or custom role with needed permissions. Detailed list of needed permissions should look as follows:

Learn more about roles and permissions in GBQ documentation system.

Data formats and breakdowns

Improvado stores data GBQ in "sharding" format, in tables named like "TABLE_NAME_YYYYMMDD".

Typically we break the data down by platform, account, dimension and month, but there are some alternatives. We can implement day-by-day division if you need it.

Additional options

If you want to have your accounts divided into groups and load those groups into different datasets (and even different GBQ accounts), we can handle this. Don't hesitate to reach our support for additional details.