Improvado logs

Learn how you can view and upload Improvado logs to a destination

Improvado logs are presented as a data table containing extraction & load events with statuses and some additional info to show what happens during the data extraction & load processes you've set up.

You can find Improvado logs in the data tables list on the Data explorer page. Click the table name to open the Improvado logs page.

The Improvado logs page includes two tabs:

  • Overview tab
  • Orders tab

Overview tab

This page contains a list of events that occurred during the data extraction & load processes.

IMPORTANT: you can filter Improvado logs by the following parameters at once:

  • event
  • status
  • data source
  • extraction template

Note: pagination on this page works without a total count due to an API limitation, so the total number of pages is not displayed. To see the end of the list, you need to switch page by page.


By default, the most recent events are shown first.

Use the fields in the upper right corner to view events for a certain period (e.g., August 10 - August 12, 2022). One month from today is set by default.

Date from / Date to

These two columns are used for the first and last date of the period for which the data is extracted or loaded.

Note: It could be a full run or a separate extraction batch (extract is divided into batches automatically).


  • Extract completed - full extraction run is completed
  • Extract range finished - a separate extraction batch is completed
  • Extract started - the extract created via the data extraction wizard is started
  • Extract scheduled – the extract created via the data extraction wizard is scheduled.
  • Load started - the load created via the data loading wizard is started
  • Load completed - data load to your destination is completed
  • MCDM Transformation started - transformation update has started.
  • MCDM Transformation completed - transformation update has been completed.


  • Success - shows that data extraction run/ extraction batch/ load is successfully completed 
  • In progress - shows that data extraction/ load is in progress
  • Failed - shows that data extraction run/ extraction batch/ load failed

To see the description of an issue, you need to click the "plus" icon near the load order name. Now it is possible to copy an error message in one click!

Data source

Here you can view a list of events by each data source.

Extraction template

Here you can view a list of events by an extraction template. Global and custom extraction templates are displayed in a common drop-down list.

Account ID

An identifier of an account that is used to search logs on this page.

MCDM recipe ID

A unique title for the recipe.

MCDM destinations

Shows the data storage where your MCDM Recipe data will be uploaded

Orders tab

You can upload Improvado logs to a destination as a regular data table via setting up data load. Just choose the "Improvado logs" data table in Step 1.

This page shows to which destination you've loaded the Improvado logs.

Load order 

The load order name corresponds to the name of the Improvado logs table in your destination. You specified it when setting up data load (Step 2).

Data table

The data table name is only "Improvado logs" here, as you created these load orders to load the Improvado logs table to your data warehouse.


It is a data warehouse where the Improvado logs are uploaded.


These are the usual statuses of load orders, also used for loading extracted data.

  • Data is synced - logs loading completed successfully
  • Syncing - logs loading has been started
  • Paused - when you paused load order
  • Error - there was an issue with the loader, and the logs load was not successful

Action column

  • “cycle” icon to run the load (but it is impossible while the load order is paused)
  • “pause” icon to pause or resume data loading
  • “trash bin” icon to delete the load order

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