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Learn how to connect your data to Improvado

The Data sources tab is one of the most important parts of the Improvado reporting platform.

Data source (platform, statistics provider, integration) is a system that provides marketing data.

Here you can find information about all the available integrations.

To open this page click on the Data sources item in the left menu, or use a direct link. Each data source is represented by a tile with a platform logo and name.

Connecting a data source means that the data provided by this data source will be available for any BI tool or visualisation platform of your choice.

The credentials you should enter depends on each particular data source:

  • Some providers, such as GoogleAds and Facebook, use OAuth. If you are logged in the correct account it will happen in a blink of an eye.
  • Some others will just require a login and password, under which you have been authorized in their system.
  • Third ones ask for additional data (for example, the API-token for Criteo).

We provide connection hints for such data sources or even special documentation pages with instructions for the most difficult cases. You can see them below.

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