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September 2023

The new Accounts tab is now live on the Connection Details page 🎉

With this new tab, managing your accounts has never been easier!

To ensure the the accounts list synchronization, we've also included a handy Sync accounts button. Just give it a click and let the magic happen! 🔁

MCDM Errors in Notification Center 🔔

We're excited to announce a new enhancement to the Improvado Notification Center!

You can now effortlessly set up your subscription to monitor MCDM Recipe issues. ⚙️

Extraction template filter - New look & feel 🎨

We're  given a refreshed makeover to the Extraction template filter! Now, searching and filtering metrics and dimensions have become even easier and more intuitive than before.

The revamped Extraction template filter can be found on the 2nd step of the Extraction flow.

Email Marketing Recipe is now available 📧

The Email Marketing Recipe provides you with actionable and historical email marketing data, as well as predictive analytics in some situations, about the performance of your email campaigns allowing a lot of actionable directions, such as A/B testing, in order to drive engagement, and ultimately revenue.

The marketing value and goal of this Recipe is to help you understand, optimize, and improve your email marketing campaigns.

MCDM updates ⚡

  • eCommerce Recipe has been rolled out as a part of the Marketing Dashboard
  • Cross-Channel Recipe has been rolled out as a part of the Marketing Dashboard
  • Google Spreadsheet Data source is now supported in MCDM
  • Email Marketing Recipe is rolled out and available
  • UX updates: now you can download MCDM Data Dictionary as CSV for any Recipe

Attribution updates 📊

  • Released Attribution Dashboard 2.0. This template can be applied to any customer case
  • Completely moving to Attribution core v2:
  • ~Decreased onboarding time by 2 weeks
  • ~Simplified datasource mapping
  • ~Simplified adding custom business metrics
  • Implemented internal data QA. Now we do internal data checking for consistency and duplicates

New API integration 🧩

We have added a new data source with the following report types:

Invoca Network


Check Improvado Data Dictionary to see detailed information about these and other report types and their metrics.

API changes ⚙️

Google Display & Video 360

We have upgraded our Google Display & Video 360 API to v2.

For more information, see Google Display & Video 360 API documentation.

New Report Types 📊

The following report types are available starting this month:

Snapchat Organic

Google Universal Analytics

Google Display & Video 360

Pinterest Ads

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