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September 2021

New API integrations

We have added two new providers:

Campaign Monitor

  • Email Opens report type
  • Email Clicks report type
  • Campaign Summary report type


  • Creatives report type

You can find detailed information about these and other report types and their corresponding metrics in the Data Dictionary.

API changes

VK Ads and VK Groups

We have upgraded our VK Ads and VK Groups connectors from version 5.71 to v5.131 of the VK API.
For more information, see VK API documentation.

Google Ads Beta API

We have upgraded our Google Ads Beta API from version v6 to v8.
For more information, see Google Ads API documentation.


We have upgraded our Twitter provider connectors from version v8 to v9 of the Twitter Ads API.
This affected the Promoted Tweets With Cards and Promoted Tweets Country Metro report types:

  • Card Type metric has become deprecated.

For more information, see Twitter Ads API documentation.

Snapchat Ads

In the Ads By Hour report type the following metrics have become deprecated:

  • Attachment Frequency
  • Attachment Uniques
  • Frequency
  • Uniques

Google Ads and YouTube

Due to the deprecation of Automatic Placements Performance Report in the AdWords API we have changed two report types:

Google Ads

  • Adsets Placements report type


  • Placements report type

To continue accessing these reports, we have migrated to Google Ads API and created the following report types:

Google Ads Beta API

  • Managed Placement report type
  • Group Placement report type

Learn more about the changes in the Google Ads Developer Blog.

Amazon Advertising

We have changed the logic of creating Account Name and display the new one for the Seller profiles.

New Report Types

The following new report types are available from this month:


  • Ads Buyer Account report type


  • Creative report type

TikTok Ads

  • Ads Age Gender report type

For more information, see Data Dictionary.

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