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July 2023

Stay up to date on your Improvado Data Pipeline 🔔

Set up the subscription via Improvado Notification Center to monitor your connected data sources, destinations, extraction, and load orders! You can also redirect our notifications to your Slack channel.

MCDM User Interface improvements 🚀

Get more insight into your data with the new Recipe Observability 🔥

4 building blocks to get your transformed data:

  • Connections. Connect your third-party platform accounts to Improvado. If you don't see the one you need among them, just request it!
  • Input. Set up data extraction. Your extraction orders grouped by data source are an input for the Recipe.
  • Mapping. Customize the mapping. if you find it difficult, you can always ask for help via our Service Desk.
  • Output. Push your transformed data to the destination to visualize it on the dashboard.

New API integrations 🧩

We have added 6 new data sources with the following report types:




Spotify Ads

  • Ads report type


Piwik PRO

Check Improvado Data Dictionary to see detailed information about these and other report types and their metrics.

API changes ⚙️

Google Ads

We have upgraded our Google Ads API to v14.

For more information, see Google Ads API documentation.


We have upgraded our Shopify API to v2023-04.

For more information, see Shopify API documentation.

New Report Types 📊

The following report types are available starting this month:


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