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January 2022

New API integrations

This month we have added some new providers for you:

Criteo Retail Media

  • Campaign Activity report type
  • Activity By SKU report type

Yahoo DSP

  • Creative Device report type

Adobe Analytics Data Feed

  • All Fields report type
  • All Fields No LookUp report type

You can find detailed information about these and other report types and their corresponding metrics in the Data Dictionary.

API changes


We have upgraded our Facebook connector from version v11 to v12 of the Facebook API.
For more information, see Facebook API documentation.

Google Ads Beta API

We have upgraded our Google Ads Beta API from version v8 to v9.
For more information, see Google Ads API documentation.

Appsflyer SKADnetwork

We have upgraded our Appsflyer SKADnetwork connector from version v1 to v2 of API.
For more information, see Appsflyer SKADnetwork API documentation.

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