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Nov 30, 2023

SKAN metrics

SKAN metrics are data for iOS 14 Dedicated Campaigns. SKAN metrics support campaign, ad group, and ad levels, and do not support hourly data. Learn more here.

Note: SKAN metrics will only display values for iOS14 dedicated campaigns. Non-iOS-14 campaigns will display ```0```.

The iOS14 dedicated campaigns may have inaccuracy or loss of by-day data. There will be 1-3 days of delay. Data older than three days must be available in full. Non-SKAN metrics for iOS14 dedicated campaigns will display ```0```, non-SKAN metric data does not include SKAN metric data.

Reach metric in the “Ads” Report type

If you notice a difference between our data and TikTok Ads UI, it could be because you're summarizing Reach metrics in a way that might not give an accurate result. Summarizing Reach across various granularity levels, like from ad to campaign, might lead to counting users more than once if they've seen your ads multiple times.

If you need to check Reach metrics, try to use one of our Reach Report types:

Learn more here.

TopView Campaigns are not supported by the API

TopView Campaigns are not supported by the API yet. According to the TikTok Support Service, this feature is being developed and will be available in 23Q4. In the meantime, there is no way to get the TopView Campaign type.

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