Setup Salesforce Market Cloud connection with Improvado

While typical API integration starts loading data at the same moment it was connected on the Improvado side, Salesforce Market Cloud is an integration that will require some actions from your to set up all needed permissions in the Salesforce ecosystem. This step-by-step manual will help you with it.

Salesforce Market Cloud Side

Log in to Marketing Cloud and make sure you have the correct permissions to create an installed package. In the top right corner, you will see your name, click on it and choose “Setup” in the dropdown menu. In the setup, you will see a menu to the left. Under “Platform Tools” click on the heading called “Apps” and then select “Installed Packages”. 

Now you get a “New” button in the top left corner, that will allow you to create a new installed package. Click on the new button to get started with the package. 

In the pop-up give your installed package a name and possibly a description. Once done click “Save”.

Now your installed package has been created, but we need to add a component, which will give us the keys we need. So click on the “Add Component” to get started on that.

It’s a step by step guide to set up the component and the first we have to do is define the type. Go ahead and select the option “API Integration” and click “Next”.

The next step is to choose the integration type which will be the “Server-to-server”, so select that and click on “Next”.

The final step is to choose the properties of the integration. Please check all of the “Read” checkboxes in elements on this page and click “Save”.

Also, you should enable all of the Business Units that you would like to use in the integration:

The “Client Secret”, the “Client Id” and the “Authentication Base URI” for setting up a “Salesforce Market Cloud” data source are given in the “API Integration” component.