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Dec 4, 2023

Custom Events in your reports

You can enable Dynamic metrics for the Ads Report type to get Reddit custom events in your reports.

To enable Dynamic metrics, select Yes in the Load Dynamic Fields.

For every custom event from your Reddit account, the following metrics will be added:

  • ```{{custom_event_name}} (view {{view_attribution_window}})```, e.g., ```My Event Name (view DAY)```
  • ```{{custom_event_name}} (click {{click_attribution_window}})```, e.g., ```My Event Name (click WEEK)```

In addition, the following metrics for total custom events amount will be added:

  • ```Custom Events Total (view {{view_attribution_window}})```, e.g., ```Custom Events Total (view DAY)```
  • ```Custom Events Total (click {{click_attribution_window}})```, e.g., ```Custom Events Total (click WEEK)```

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The ```{{view_attribution_window}}``` and ```{{click_attribution_window}}``` are the Attribution window settings of your Reddit account retrieved from Reddit API. Learn more here.


Naming rules for Custom Events in the database

Every custom event in the database has two fields with the following naming:

  • ```ce{{event_num}}_v{{view_aw}}_{{db_field name}}```, e.g., ```ce1_vd_my_event_name```
  • ```ce{{event_num}}_c{{click_aw}}_{{db_field name}}```, e.g., ```ce1_cw_my_event_name```

The total amount of all custom event metrics has the following naming:

  • ```ce_v{{view_aw}}_total```, e.g., ```ce_vd_total```
  • ```ce_c{{click_aw}}_total```, e.g., ```ce_cw_total```

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  • ```{{event_num}}``` - a sequence number of an event in the list of custom events delivered by Reddit API.
  • ```{{view_aw}}``` and ```{{click_aw}}``` - View Attribution Window and Click Attribution Window values respectively. Possible values:
    • ```d``` (DAY)
    • ```w``` (WEEK)
    • ```m``` (MONTH)
  • ```{{db_field_name}}``` - a transformed name of a custom event that follows Snake case naming rules. E.g., New User event will be transformed to ```new_user```.


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